Business Mentoring Insights

  • The Great Resignation: Tips To Keep Your Best Talents

    The pandemic has brought a great share of surprises to the corporate world. The latest addition to the list is The Great Resignation. An unprecedented number of workers are quitting their jobs post-pandemic. Monster, a global employment site, has recently reported that 95% of employees are considering leaving their jobs, mainly (33%) due to burnout. For businesses, already struggling to attract their employees back to office after a long work from home, this is not news they want to hear. Read more

    Tue, Aug, 24, 2021

  • How do the "100 Best Companies To Work For" Attract Top Talent?

    Many of us look forward to reading it every year: The Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For list. We may read to see which companies made the list, which companies fell off the list, or which companies moved up or down the list. Some of us read to ooh and ahh over the great workplace benefits the best companies offer. Still others of us use the list for job prospecting.    Hopefully, many companies use this list as a guideline for areas to develop their company as they, too, strive for greatness.  Read more

    Thu, Jan, 30, 2014