Business Mentoring Insights

  • Signs that Your Mentoring Program is Faltering, and How to Fix It

      While the benefits of formal business mentoring programs are vast, it’s not always easy to start and run a professional mentorship program. Let’s face it: even the most successful programs are bound to run into some hiccups along the way. If you’re experiencing some of the common business mentoring program problems, here are some ways to remedy the issues. Read more

    Mon, Sep, 21, 2020

  • Problem with Reverse Mentoring, and What to Do About It

    Organizations have tried to use reverse mentoring since Jack Welch first popularized the concept in 1999. Welch, then the CEO of GE, realized that his executive team lacked a deep understanding of technology. With rapid technological changes of the 1990’s, having an executive team without up-to-date knowledge could threaten their ability to stay relevant with customers, capitalize on opportunities, and remain competitive. To combat this, Welch launched a program called “reverse mentoring,” in which younger, more tech-savvy individuals were paired with older executives. Read more

    Mon, Sep, 07, 2020

  • The Value of Mentoring Women

      For professionals that seek an executive role, business mentoring can be a critical part of the journey. Having a professional mentor is important to professional women in particular, who face unique challenges in advancing in their career. A professional mentorship can help women grow and advance in their careers in a number of important ways: Read more

    Mon, Aug, 31, 2020

  • The Role of Trust in a Mentoring Program

    Trust is like oxygen in a room: easy to overlook when it’s there, but if it’s missing, it’s near impossible to think about anything else. To make sure the success of your business mentoring program isn’t stifled, build your program on a foundation of trusting relationships. Read more

    Mon, Aug, 24, 2020

  • Ending Mentoring Relationships

    A professional mentorship is one of those good things in life that must come to an end. A mentor and mentee aren’t like swans: they don’t “mate” for life. At times, people can hold a deep reverence for animals like swans and seahorses because they mate for life. There’s a certain comfort and sentimentality in the idea of a relationship in which someone will always be there for the other. And, a professional mentorship is not like a marriage: even the best mentoring relationships don’t last forever. A successful professional mentorship doesn't need to go on in perpetuity. Read more

    Mon, Aug, 17, 2020

  • The Seven Sins of Business Mentoring

      If you’re becoming a mentor and you’ve ever wondered what the qualities of a good mentor are, it can be helpful to first understand what NOT to do. Consider the following seven sins of business mentoring as the anti-guide to becoming a mentor, and avoid them like the plague.   Read more

    Mon, Aug, 10, 2020

  • What the “Confidence Gap” is, and What to Do About It

      Consultants Drs. Jack Zenger and Joe Folkman collected data on over 8,000 men and women business leaders over several years, with interesting findings regarding capabilities and confidence levels between men and women. Read more

    Wed, Aug, 05, 2020

  • 3 Career Mentoring Challenges and How to Overcome Them

      We all love a good mentoring success story: an experienced mentor builds connection with an early career mentee, and both individuals grow and develop as a result.  However, in real life it isn’t always that easy. Mentoring is hard work, and not every person is up to the task. Additionally, even skilled mentors run into problems all the time: people are complicated, and dealing with them can sometimes be a messy business.  Read more

    Mon, Jul, 27, 2020

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