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  • How Mentoring Can Have a Positive Impact on Mental Health

    More of us are recognizing the significance of mentoring and positive mental health in the workplace. Teaching new employees the ‘ins and outs’ of your business via mentoring schemes is hugely advantageous. It’s perfect for a fitting first-day, everyday tasks, and career progression. Included with personal development, mental health is something that mentors can significantly help with.  Read how workplace mentors can open doors for more discussions on positive mental health. And learn how to utilize their unique rapport, advice, and support to grow your employees. Read more

    Mon, Sep, 20, 2021

  • How Important Mentoring Is in the Workplace?

    Today, the corporate world is more competitive than ever. To be successful here, companies must develop a workforce that is constantly learning and evolving. That’s why organizations are on the hunt for employees who are committed to growth. Career development is a significant part of today’s work culture; it is the priority for both employers and employees. Organizations worldwide are investing in employee development opportunities like mentorship programs. In fact, 70% of the Fortune 500 companies have a structured workplace mentoring program in place. Mentoring in the workplace is a great way to make your employees ready to face any challenge that comes their way. Most importantly, it sets your organization up for success in this ever-changing business world. Read more

    Tue, Jun, 15, 2021

  • How to Promote Employee Wellbeing at Workplace

      Even a decade earlier, employee wellbeing was not an important thing in the workplace. They were not a priority for many employers. But today, the work environment has changed. Companies have started to realize that employees are human first, and have started working towards employee wellbeing initiatives for the overall health of the organization. While some work pressures are unavoidable, continuous unhappiness, dissatisfaction, and disengagement take a toll on employees’ productivity and efficiency. According to WHO depression and anxiety disorders cost the global economy approximately US $1 trillion per year in lost productivity. Read more

    Tue, Mar, 30, 2021

  • Seven Tips for Managing an Online Mentoring Program

    If you’re setting up a virtual mentoring program or transitioning an existing mentoring program online, you might have some questions about how to make it as meaningful as possible for the mentor and the mentee. While certain mentoring activities don’t always translate well to virtual environments and need to be redesigned (for example, job shadowing), mentoring relationships can nevertheless thrive online. Below are some tips to make your virtual mentoring program most effective. Read more

    Fri, Apr, 03, 2020

  • The Benefits of Mentoring on Career Development

      Successful career development requires much more than technical and job-related skills. Typically, crafting a successful career requires effective communication and other soft skills, professional relationships and networks, and a career vision. Many professionals fail to move up the career ladder even while excelling at their jobs because they lack some of these important competencies. However, a mentor can help professionals develop some of these extra-role skills and build key relationships; being a part of a mentoring relationship can be transformational for early career professionals. Read more

    Mon, Dec, 16, 2019

  • Retain Top Employees With a Mentoring Program

      A major challenge facing many organizations in the 21st century is attracting and retaining talent. In some high-growth industries, the unemployment rate is reaching record lows. For example, the unemployment rate in the information technology sector reached a record low of 1.3% in June of 2019. In technology, as in other industries, there is a real possibility of worker shortages, and organizations struggle to find and keep employees with the right mix of skills, attitudes, and experiences. Attracting and retaining employees should be a critical piece of the overall organizational strategy.  Read more

    Tue, Dec, 10, 2019

  • Seven Ways Mentoring Can Support Succession Planning

    There is a popular saying that “one cannot step in the same river twice.” Water continually trickling down a river reminds us that the only constant is change. The same could be said about organizations, which are as dynamic as rivers. People move in and out of the organization, and those that remain in the organization often grow and change. One cannot join and engage with the same organization twice.  Read more

    Mon, Dec, 02, 2019

  • Role of Mentoring and Goals in Development

    Access to professional development is becoming increasingly important to employees in the workforce. In a recent survey, 87% of Millennials indicated that professional development was an important part of deciding whether they would stay with an organization or not.  It makes sense – providing such opportunities allow employees to continue improving on their work while attaining skills most important to them.  Read more

    Fri, Oct, 18, 2019

  • Engagedly Acquires Mentoring Complete from Management Mentors

    Back in 1989 when Rene Petrin founded Management Mentors, Inc., the first George Bush was president. A gallon of gas cost roughly 97 cents. The founder of Facebook was getting ready to enter kindergarten. And Taylor Swift was getting ready to enter the world. While much has changed on the planet since Petrin hung his virtual shingle, one thing has remained true: people still crave mentoring—and they always will. Read more

    Thu, May, 09, 2019

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