Business Mentoring Insights

  • What to Look For in a Business Mentor?

      Having a business mentor is a great way to support your growth as an entrepreneur. The right mentor can set you up for success by introducing you to influential people, guiding you through your highs and lows, and offering you suggestions on the best steps to take. While most people understand the benefits of having a business mentor, it’s rare to find someone who has one. Because finding the right mentor is not an easy task. Read more

    Tue, Feb, 09, 2021

  • Making the Business Case for a Business Mentoring Program

    It’s no secret what a business mentoring program can do for young professionals. A business mentor can help a mentee increase their leadership skills and other skills, grow their network, gain a broader perspective, and more. Mentors benefit as well by enhancing their own leadership abilities, communication skills, and the self-satisfaction of “paying it forward” and creating their own legacy. Read more

    Mon, Nov, 09, 2020

  • Signs that Your Mentoring Program is Faltering, and How to Fix It

      While the benefits of formal business mentoring programs are vast, it’s not always easy to start and run a professional mentorship program. Let’s face it: even the most successful programs are bound to run into some hiccups along the way. If you’re experiencing some of the common business mentoring program problems, here are some ways to remedy the issues. Read more

    Mon, Sep, 21, 2020

  • Tips for Mentoring Women

    Many organizations want to increase the number of women at the executive level, and one of the most effective tactics to use is to provide women with mentoring opportunities. However, there are some unique concerns when mentoring women.  Read more

    Tue, Feb, 25, 2020

  • National Mentoring Month: How My Mentor Changed My Life

    Editor's note: January is National Mentoring Month. To celebrate, we're featuring our own stories and experiences with mentoring. First up is a personal essay from our president and founder, Rene Petrin. Read more

    Wed, Jan, 04, 2017

  • 5 More Inspiring Mentoring Quotes

    Quotes seem to get people's attention these days. I've noticed all over my Facebook feed that quotes seem to be the most shared and liked pieces of content. This summer, we dedicated our newsletter to Inspiring Mentoring Quotes. And of course, we noticed they were shared! Below are 5 more inspiring quotes to inspire and to help flourish your mentoring relationship. Be sure to share them with your mentoring partner and within your mentoring program! Read more

    Tue, Nov, 10, 2015

  • 9 Suggested Activities For Mentoring Pairs

    When I conduct quarterly sessions with mentoring pairs I get a lot of useful suggestions. The following are 9 suggested activities for mentoring pairs directly from people currently partaking in a corporate mentoring program:   Read more

    Thu, Jun, 18, 2015

  • 10 differences between formal and informal business mentoring

    Informal and formal mentoring are often perceived as being the same, but they have significant differences. A failure by individuals engaged in such relationships to understand these differences can lead to disappointment and frustration. Both can benefit the organization and the individuals involved. Read more

    Mon, Jun, 01, 2015

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