Business Mentoring Insights

  • 4 Characteristics of a Quality Mentoring Match

    Having a quality mentor-mentee relationship is the crux of any successful match, as without it even the best advice can fall by the wayside. Fostering a quality relationship is the primary goal of any mentor matching program, and as you may know, we have been successfully matching mentors and mentees for many years. And in doing so, we have noticed many key similarities in our successful ones, which with our 90% success rate, we have a very large pool to choose from. Here are the four main things we have noticed in every single successful mentoring relationship.   Read more

    Mon, Jul, 12, 2021

  • What are the Right Ways to Match Your Mentors and Mentees?

    Implementing a mentoring program is not an easy task. It takes substantial planning. From promoting the program to measuring its success, every part of the process needs careful consideration. And the most critical part is the matching process. Read more

    Thu, May, 27, 2021

  • Understanding Mentoring Matchmaking

    We choose our friends. We choose our significant others. So shouldn't we choose our mentors or mentees? Well, consider this matchmaking scenario: Roberta works in the marketing department of Company ABC, which promotes an appreciation for cultural diversity. Roberta is smart but also nervous about all the traveling she must do. She gets along well with Jane, the local sales manager. It's Jane's first job out of college, but she's worked her way from account executive to local sales manager in just two years. Roberta and Jane are the same age, share similar values, and have great chemistry. Jane would like to mentor Roberta, and Roberta agrees. After all, the two are friends and often socialize with one another. Read more

    Fri, Jan, 25, 2013