Business Mentoring Insights

  • How mentoring helps organizations flourish?

    Some organizations face significant revenue losses due to employee turnover. A study by the Society for Human Resource Management found that the cost of replacing an employee can be up to six to nine times of an employee’s salary. This is a huge financial burden for companies, and it's one that could be avoided if more attention was paid to employee satisfaction. Read more

    Mon, Nov, 07, 2022

  • 5 Effective Mentoring Practices for Software Developers and Engineers

    Mentoring is an essential part of building your team to be the best that they can be. Since you are the one they look to for advice, you must know what kind of mentor you’re going to be. Mentoring isn’t just limited to teaching them the technical aspects of their work. There are a lot of things to understand about their job past the code they create.  As a mentor, you need to show them the effective learning and development skills that only an experienced senior member can provide. Here are some of the important practices you should include in your mentoring: Read more

    Thu, Jan, 13, 2022

  • How do I start a mentoring program at work?

    Since the onset of the pandemic, organizations throughout the world have been building strategies to increase the productivity of their workforce. In a digitally connected environment, it is difficult to gauge the parameters of employee productivity and engagement, and therefore, it is critical to develop innovative measures to manage overall productivity. One of the most important strategies undertaken by organizations is to start mentoring programs at work that help in building the skills of employees, improving engagement, building relationships, and facilitating knowledge transfer. Read more

    Mon, Jan, 10, 2022

  • Virtual Mentoring: How to Be a Great Virtual Mentor

    A recent study by HR research Institute Report and Infographic states that 70% of employees who receive coaching perform better at the workplace, have better relationships, and can communicate effectively. Read more

    Sat, Dec, 04, 2021

  • The 5 Parts of Every Effective Mentoring Goal

    Setting effective mentoring goals can be the definitive reason why mentorship works. They are the mold that allows the mentee to grow, and eventually breakthrough. But in order to be an effective mentoring goal, there are 5 parts that always have to be present. By ensuring that you always have these 5 attributes, you can be certain that your mentoring goals will be effective and useful for both you and your mentee. Read more

    Mon, Jul, 26, 2021

  • Active Listening: How Important This Skill Is in Mentoring?

    When you are communicating with someone, how often do you listen? Every time the other person talks, right? We spend about 70-80% of our day communicating and 55% of that time is dedicated to listening. The real question is, how often do you actively listen?  Study says we listen only with 25% efficiency. This means, most of the time we are either distracted, preoccupied with thoughts, or forgetful. But how do you completely understand somebody when you don’t have your undivided attention to the person? You cannot. And mentoring is all about understanding your mentee. That’s why active listening is the key to successful mentoring. Read more

    Wed, Jun, 23, 2021

  • How Important Mentoring Is in the Workplace?

    Today, the corporate world is more competitive than ever. To be successful here, companies must develop a workforce that is constantly learning and evolving. That’s why organizations are on the hunt for employees who are committed to growth. Career development is a significant part of today’s work culture; it is the priority for both employers and employees. Organizations worldwide are investing in employee development opportunities like mentorship programs. In fact, 70% of the Fortune 500 companies have a structured workplace mentoring program in place. Mentoring in the workplace is a great way to make your employees ready to face any challenge that comes their way. Most importantly, it sets your organization up for success in this ever-changing business world. Read more

    Tue, Jun, 15, 2021

  • What Skills Do You Need to Be a Mentor?

    When starting a career, people have a transition period to learn how to be the best at their jobs. To make that transition easier, many employers take advantage of a workplace mentoring program. In this process, a new hiree (as mentee) is paired with an experienced employee (as a mentor) from within the organization. The mentor guides the mentee through ups and downs and helps them develop in their career. Becoming a mentor is a great opportunity for experienced professionals. Not only would you be able to pass on tips you’ve learned, but also it is a great experience to put on your resume. Read more

    Tue, Apr, 27, 2021

  • Reverse Mentoring - How To Make It Work

    Mentorship is a very beneficial relationship when starting a new job or changing career paths. The guidance you receive from a mentor is invaluable. Their ability to help you navigate the unknown path, overcome challenges, and reach your goals is what makes them special. Mentoring relationships range from loosely defined, informal associations (where mentees learn by observation and example) to structured agreements between mentors and mentees (where they formally meet and build relationships over nine to twelve months). Read more

    Tue, Apr, 20, 2021

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