Business Mentoring Insights

  • 7 Best Practices For Employee Career Development Programs

    To stay competitive in the ever-changing marketplace, it is crucial to focus on the learning and development of employees. Read more

    Wed, Apr, 27, 2022

  • Benefits Of Implementing Employee Career Development Program

    In the last two decades, many organizations have realized that the only way to stay ahead of the increasing competition is to build on the skills and talent of their workforce. Almost every organization is now working to enhance its technical capabilities and create a firm ground for substantial growth. But, what sets apart the global leaders from the rest is the innovativeness, quality of work, and commitment of their workforce towards the organizational goals. To create a dynamic and focused workforce, it is crucial to focus on people development. And employee career development programs are a great way to work in this direction strategically. Read more

    Tue, Mar, 22, 2022

  • How Mentoring Can Have a Positive Impact on Mental Health

    More of us are recognizing the significance of mentoring and positive mental health in the workplace. Teaching new employees the ‘ins and outs’ of your business via mentoring schemes is hugely advantageous. It’s perfect for a fitting first-day, everyday tasks, and career progression. Included with personal development, mental health is something that mentors can significantly help with.  Read how workplace mentors can open doors for more discussions on positive mental health. And learn how to utilize their unique rapport, advice, and support to grow your employees. Read more

    Mon, Sep, 20, 2021

  • How to Promote Employee Wellbeing at Workplace

      Even a decade earlier, employee wellbeing was not an important thing in the workplace. They were not a priority for many employers. But today, the work environment has changed. Companies have started to realize that employees are human first, and have started working towards employee wellbeing initiatives for the overall health of the organization. While some work pressures are unavoidable, continuous unhappiness, dissatisfaction, and disengagement take a toll on employees’ productivity and efficiency. According to WHO depression and anxiety disorders cost the global economy approximately US $1 trillion per year in lost productivity. Read more

    Tue, Mar, 30, 2021