Business Mentoring Insights

  • Mentoring Tips: Communicating Expectations

      Effective communication is the key ingredient of a successful mentoring relationship. We've discussed active listening vs. passive listening, which is essential. Now, let's provide some mentoring tips for effectively communicating expectations—a skill that mentors, mentees, and program managers need to master.  1. Clarify Assumptions Never assume anything. Always explicitly state any assumption and ask the other person if your assumption is correct. If it isn't, ask the person to clarify. Here's an example: Speaker #1: I'm sensing you're frustrated with your manager's response to your request. Is that a fair assessment? Speaker #2: Frustrated might not be the best word. I was disappointed because I didn't feel my manager cared about why I was making the request. Speaker #1: Dealing with disappointment can be a tough emotion to navigate, especially at work. Let's discuss ways for you to deal with this emotion and let's develop a strategy for how you want to approach your manager moving forward. Read more

    Mon, Dec, 12, 2016