What to Look For in a Business Mentor?


What to look for in a business mentorHaving a business mentor is a great way to support your growth as an entrepreneur. The right mentor can set you up for success by introducing you to influential people, guiding you through your highs and lows, and offering you suggestions on the best steps to take.

While most people understand the benefits of having a business mentor, it’s rare to find someone who has one. Because finding the right mentor is not an easy task.

Consider the following things when you are choosing a mentor for yourself.


1. Their Values Must Align With Yours

Make sure your business mentor has similar values to yours. Finding someone whose values align with yours will make your relationship effortless. To be able to do it, you first need to know yourself better. Write down your values and consider them while finding a mentor. 

You cannot compromise your values because you want to be mentored by someone you like. That will lead to unhappiness and end your relationship in an unpleasant way. That’s why it’s crucial to know your mentor well.

If you are a person who believes in work-life balance or puts their family first, then someone who works 60 hours a week is not a good fit for you.


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2. They Have a Contrast Personality

Mentors challenge you, help you step outside of your comfort zone, and prepare you to embrace the unknown. They must have a persona that is in contrast to you. If you are experiencing stress and don't know how to handle it, a mentor who shows a high degree of resilience will make your journey much easier.

You don’t want a clone of yourself as a mentor. They will suggest what you already know. You need diversity to make sure you’re getting a different perspective on things. Having someone who looks at things from different viewpoints helps you gain clarity.

Though, in some cases, personality conflicts can make the mentoring relationship difficult, if you have mutual understanding with your mentor, you will be the winner.


3. You Can Trust Your Business Mentor

Trust is an important element in a mentoring relationship. You are going to share a lot of personal information with your mentor. From time to time, you are going to be vulnerable in front of them. If you cannot trust the person who is mentoring you, your growth can break off.

Does your potential mentor listen with an open mind? Are they sharing their experiences openly? Do they allow you to be vulnerable? Are they non-judgemental? Have you ever seen them genuinely encouraging others to grow? Do they respect confidentiality? If the answer of all these questions is yes, then your potential mentor is trustworthy.


Find a business mentor who has the ability to challenge you, isn’t afraid to give you constructive feedback, and is as charming as you want to be.

Many times, when we encounter the right mentor, we fail to recognize them. If you realize that someone has the potential to be your mentor, don’t hesitate to ask, “will you mentor me?”


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