Business Mentoring Insights

  • Performance Management 101

    Last month, we invited Sri Chellappa, president of Engagedly, to talk about mentoring's role in employee engagement and the mistakes companies make when trying to boost engagement. Read more

    Tue, May, 07, 2019

  • Employee Engagement: 6 Mistakes Even Smart Companies Make

    Last week, we talked with Sri Chellappa, the president of Engagedly, about how mentoring can help boost employee engagement. Read more

    Mon, Apr, 29, 2019

  • Mentoring's Role in Boosting Employee Engagement

      Here's a "glass is half full/half empty" conundrum. Last fall, Gallup reported that the number of engaged employees in the U.S. rose to 34% "tying its highest level since Gallup began reporting the national figure in 2000." Read more

    Thu, Apr, 25, 2019

  • Business Mentoring Link Fest: Spring 2017 Edition

    It’s time for another roundup of interesting articles on business mentoring that we’ve recently come across. Read more

    Thu, May, 25, 2017

  • Leadership & Mentoring: 14 Helpful Resources

      Some of this content first appeared in our informative white paper, Mentoring & Leadership: FAQs, Tips & Real Life Stories. For the full white paper, click here. Leadership and mentoring. The two go hand-in-hand like peanut butter and jelly, milk and cookies, chips and salsa. (Hungry yet? OK, we’ll stop now.) It’s easy to accept the idea of this grand partnership because, on the surface, it sounds good. After all, leadership is an important and valued skill, and mentoring is something most people welcome, especially if it will help them advance in their careers. But do you truly understand the link between leadership and mentoring? What do the individual terms mean, and do these meanings change when you link the two? How does mentoring foster leadership (and is mentoring always necessary)? And what does a “leadership” mentoring program look like anyway? Read more

    Thu, May, 12, 2016

  • Performance Improvement Plan: Make Room for Mentoring

    Telling your employees they need to improve isn't enough. You need to provide a roadmap and tools to help them achieve whatever goals you set out for them. A performance improvement plan serves as this roadmap, and one of the tools you'll often recommend is mentoring. But here's the thing—it's not enough to simply recommend mentoring. Be smart in your approach so that your employee is just as excited about mentoring as you are. Here's what to keep in mind. Read more

    Tue, Nov, 17, 2015

  • Employee Development Goals: How Mentoring Helps

     Talent managers are famous for giving people straightforward employee development goals. It makes sense, of course. Talent managers are supposed to nurture the organization's talent. Read more

    Mon, Oct, 19, 2015

  • Talent Retention: 1 in 3 gone in the first year!

    Deloitte Research data states that 1 in 3 new hires leave a company within the first year of employment. That number represents a large loss of productive and increased turnover costs. Some turnover in the first year is expected—as both the company and the employee explore whether this is the "right fit" for either of them. But if the right fit is there, companies can improve their talent retention rate significantly by paying attention to the needs of the new employee. And mentoring can help. Read more

    Mon, Aug, 24, 2015

  • How Business Mentoring Aids Succession Planning

    Succession planning helps prepare people to step into new roles when their colleagues leave, retire, or move on to other areas of the organization. This makes for a smoother transition for everyone. Read more

    Wed, Apr, 08, 2015