Business Mentoring Insights

  • What is Hybrid Mentoring?

    There is a new terminology arising in mentoring recently: hybrid mentoring. At Mentoring Complete, we call it Anytime Mentoring. In some cases hybrid mentoring is a result of trying to respond to millennials who are seeking quick and easy access via a mentoring software system to be able to get the mentoring they need when they need it. Read more

    Thu, Oct, 02, 2014

  • How to Get Mentees to Open up During a Mentoring Session

    In speaking with several mentors recently, they expressed concern about wanting their mentee to be more open on a given issue but afraid to push too hard and turn the mentee off to the idea. Read more

    Tue, Aug, 12, 2014

  • How to use storytelling in your next mentoring session

    Is your mentoring relationship at a stalemate? Have you run out of ideas or topics to cover? Here's a fresh idea that could provide some real insight into your mentoree's creative side, generate some great fodder for future sessions and spice up your relationship (professionally of course!). Read more

    Tue, Aug, 05, 2014

  • Having a Conversation about Personal Issues in Mentoring

    Whenever you are involved in mentoring, there is a good possibility that at some point your mentoree may share some very personal issues that they are dealing with.  Some may feel uncomfortable or unprepared to deal with such issues, but it's important to recognize that this is an important moment in the mentoring relationship and you should not let this pass. Below is a sample script you might find helpful if you encounter this situation: Read more

    Thu, Jul, 31, 2014

  • Don't Micromanage. Mentor Instead!

    An article on yesterday, Six Alternatives to Micromanaging Employees by Andre Lavoie, CEO & Co-Founder of Clear Company—relates to much of what we talk about here at Mentoring Complete Lavoie's article insightfully provides tips to managers who may have a tendency to micromanage their employees, especially when productivity is down. Lavoie suggests letting go of micromanaging tendencies that damage employees' attitude toward the company in the long run.   Read more

    Wed, Jul, 16, 2014

  • Make Millennials Love to Work for Your Company. Think Mentoring.

    Harvard Biz Review recently posted an article titled "How Can Companies Attract the Best College Talent" by Sanjeev Agrawal at Collegefeed about college hiring strategies and tactics. Agrawal says that Collegefeed met with more than 300 companies that are looking to hire fresh, young talent. Read more

    Mon, Jun, 16, 2014

  • Infographic: A College Student's Guide To Finding Mentors

    We came across this super cool infographic on A College Student's Guide To Finding Mentors. Spot on! Please feel free to pass on to any college students or recent grads you know and talk about the importance of finding a business mentor.    Explore more visuals like this one on the web's largest information design community - Visually. " target="_self"> Read more

    Fri, May, 02, 2014

  • Common Mistakes Made By New Mentors

    Mentors are people who are generous at heart and have the best interests of the mentoree when working with them. Even so, new mentors can sometimes make inadvertent mistakes that can pose a problem now or in the future for the mentoring relationship. Read more

    Thu, Apr, 17, 2014