Business Mentoring Insights

  • Mentoring Within Families

    In 1965, mentored by his father, the late Nand Kishore Ruia, Shashi Ruia began his career in the family’s small construction business in India.  Several years later when his father passed away, Shashi and his brother Ravi, laid the foundation of the Essar Group.  The Essar Group started its operations with the construction of an outer breakwater in Chennai port.  Immediately after that, the Essar Group capitalized on many emerging business opportunities and became India’s first private company to buy a tanker in 1976.  With their continuous investing in diversified markets, the Essar Group has become one of India’s leading companies.  Their latest venture was establishing India’s first mobil phone service in Delhi.  Shashi is widely recognized for promoting India’s industrial growth and the expansion of the nation’s infrastructure sector.  Even though Shashi is highly looked upon, he attributes all of his success to his father who was a great mentor.  Today, Shashi is proud to offer his guidance by being a mentor and guide to several of India’s young entrepreneurs.  Read more

    Fri, Jan, 08, 2010

  • Michelle Obama Launches A Leadership And Mentoring Initiative

    On Monday, November 2nd, First Lady Michelle Obama launched a leadership and mentoring initiative for almost two dozen high school sophomore and junior girls.  The protégés were chosen from Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia public and private schools.  A number of them are from Girls Scouts and local military families who have a family member serving abroad or who have lost a loved one while serving in the military.  Mrs. Obama expressed “Mentoring has been something that has been important to me forever.  The one thing I knew I wanted to do was to use this platform as First Lady to expand the mentoring role.  I really want kids, young people in this nation to know that when they think of the White House that they think of a place that is open to them.  A place where there are folks who really care about their development and want to listen and be part of your growth and want to invest in you as a resource.”   Mrs. Obama told the group that there is no “magic”, but that she and the President achieved their success thanks to caring adults and mentors throughout their lives.  Mrs. Obama is asking the girls for just one thing in return “When you get to this position in your life, that you do the same thing for somebody else,” she said.   Read more

    Wed, Nov, 04, 2009

  • Mentoring Stories: A Mentor Helps Shape Yankees Manager

    Josh Paul, NY Yankees newest minor league manager, can attribute his success to some impressive mentors that have helped him become who is today.  One mentor that made an impact on Josh is Joe Maddon from the Tampa Bay Devil Rays’.  Josh said “Joe was the first guy I really learned game strategy from and he taught me how to treat players.”  He indicated that the approach was all about respect, discipline and making sure drama is kept to a minimum.  Josh’s approach with the team has been an asset to the Yankees.   Following a slow start to the season, they ended with a standing of 47-29.  It seems as though Josh Paul brought with him some valuable attributes to the Yankees.  To learn how you can set up a mentoring program to help your employees share valuable information among one another, please click here. Read more

    Mon, Nov, 02, 2009

  • You Need a Mentor! Michael Vick’s Reaction to Goodell’s Decision

    This past summer, NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell had to decide if he was going to allow Michael Vick to return to the NFL.  After spending close to five hours meeting with Michael Vick, Roger decided to give him a conditional reinstatement to return to the NFL.  One of the conditions specified was that Michael Vick be assigned a mentor in his transition to being reinstated.  Former Indianapolis Colts head coach, Tony Dungy, agreed to be a part of the team that would help and mentor Michael Vick. Tony indicated that his role is solely to assist Michael with advice, direction and support during the evaluation process.  In a conference during the summer Michael Vick shared with everyone: “I’d like to say thank you to Commissioner Goodell, I want to say thank you to Tony Dungy for serving as my mentor and also being influential in my walk and helping redefine me as an individual and giving me the proper advice and being there and having an open dialog with me at all times. I want to say thank you to my agent, Joel Segal, who has been there through the ups and downs, through the hardest times in my life, Judy Smith as well as all the people who have contributed to my comeback.”  As we can see, mentors are essential in any type of environment.  Don’t wait for a misfortune to occur, give us a call today to see how we can help your organization start a new program or enhance a mentoring program you already have in place. Read more

    Fri, Oct, 30, 2009

  • Are Mentors Role Models?

    ‘Are mentors role models?’ or “Are role models mentors?’ This is a question that many people ask.  Some people say that a mentor is someone who will help you advance in your career, while a role model is someone you look up to.  But shouldn’t you look up to your mentor?  Doesn’t a lot of people look up to their role models?  It’s easy to see why some people may confuse the two.  But it is evident that a mentor is someone who advises us and guides us to reaching our professional goals while a role model is a person who is a good example for other people.  However, when you are speaking of a well-known, famous person, the definition of a mentor and a role model seem to go hand in hand.  In the eyes of NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, after giving his decision to the Michael Vick incident over the summer, Roger indicated in a recently published article that “it’s a privilege to be a part of this league, whether you are a player, the commissioner, or a coach.  We are role models.  People look up to us.  I think when a high standard is communicated to everybody, people will meet it.  I thought it was important to make that clearer.”  My impression is that Roger may feel that younger adults may look up to the NFL as unofficial mentors, so it was imperative for him to show the younger generation that is not acceptable to do unethical things in your career no matter how famous you are.  Roger’s firm stand on his decision is a great way for people to see what a good mentor he has become for the NFL because his decision reached a large audience and not just the person sitting in his office.  Read more

    Wed, Oct, 28, 2009

  • Mentoring Tips: Determination Is The Key To Success

    Roger Goodell, Commissioner of the NFL, attributes his success to his determination to finding a way to work for the NFL.  After graduating from college, he wrote letters to the league office and to every team in the USA seeking employment.  His love of sports, especially football, helped him to be persistent and to never give up.  Eventually, the NFL hired him as an intern and gave him an annual salary of a little over $10,000.  It was not much, but the opportunity to be a part of the NFL was what he always dreamed of.  Read more

    Mon, Oct, 19, 2009

  • A Perfect Business Mentor

    When searching for your “perfect” business mentor, remember that a mentor should not be your hero, friend, or idol at your organization, but someone who has the time, patience, and knowledge to guide you to enhance your performance at your organization.  Read more

    Fri, Oct, 16, 2009

  • Tory Burch: Listening to Her Mentor Paid Off

    Tory Burch, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Tory Burch, started out her career working at Ralph Lauren and Vera Wang in public relations.  Her experience gave her the drive to start her own company in 2004 that includes high end products such as handbags, shoes and read-to-wear clothes.  Initially, her instinct was to launch a retail concept, however, many people expressed to her that it would be a risky venture and that she really should start off as a wholesaler to see how things went first. Not agreeing with that advice, she went to her mentor, Glen Senk, CEO of Urban Outfitters, seeking his advice on what she should do.  He told her to follow her instincts and to take the risk.  Five years later, she has had the fortune of having her products in 19 Tory Burch boutiques across the United States, 2 outlet stores, a website where you can make purchases online, and also the privilege of having her products featured at over 400 department and specialty stores worldwide.  It seems to me that Tory Burch will always be grateful to her mentor for his great advice.  What advice have you received lately from your mentor? Read more

    Wed, Oct, 14, 2009

  • Meredith Vieira Gives Thanks To Her Mentor

    Earlier this week on MSNBC’s Today Show, they had a feature on Mentors & Inspirations and during that segment co-host, Meredith Vieira, had an opportunity to meet up with her mentor from her early years in broadcasting, Sir Howard Stringer.  Sir Howard Stringer is a legendary broadcast journalist, producer, and executive of Sony Corporation.   Meredith praised him because he “helped her find herself, and didn’t give her a voice but rather he helped her define it, nurture it, and develop it by just being there to listen to it”.  She said to him, “you were everything to me”.  In her eyes, Sir Howard was approachable, giving, and always willing to help.  He is someone that she will always treasure dearly for his guidance and for “helping to shape who she is today”. Read more

    Fri, Oct, 09, 2009