Business Mentoring Insights

  • Announcing Management Mentors' Precision Matching Tool

    Making a good match in mentoring is the most critical component to mentoring program success. A great mentoring program depends on it. You may have a smaller program or a smaller budget, but you shouldn't have to deprive program participants of some of the benefits that mentoring technology has to offer. Read more

    Mon, May, 07, 2012

  • Top 5 Tips For The Executive Mentor

      Executive Mentoring is different from other types of mentoring in that the mentor is always someone from the organization who holds an executive level position. With that position comes an awareness that Executive Mentors should have when relating with their mentorees. The following are 5 top tips that all Executive Mentors should keep in mind when engaging in a mentoring relationship: Read more

    Fri, Apr, 06, 2012

  • Mentoring Ideas: 3 Ice Breakers for your First Face-to-Face Meeting

    When we go into an organization to train mentoring pairs, most of the participants don't know each other or know very little about each other.  It's an awkward moment for most people meeting for the first time to engage in, what should become, a deep developmental relationship. Read more

    Fri, Mar, 23, 2012

  • A Writer's Mentoring Blog

    Mentoring applies to so many different aspects of people's lives as well as many different professions. Last week we shared a story about the important role mentoring played in an actor's life. This week we found an inspiring story and the important message a writer has to share about mentoring. Read more

    Mon, Feb, 27, 2012

  • Actress' Role of a Lifetime: Being a Mentor

    What role does mentoring play in Hollywood? How do we relate that to corporate mentoring? Todd Leopold wrote an article for CNN recently about Actor Bradley Cooper's (The Hangover, Limitless) mentor, Elizabeth Kemp titled "Actress Role of a Lifetime: Being a Mentor." According to the article, Cooper was an acting student of Kemp's and says "I was never able to relax in my life before...The most sacred experience I ever had was in [her class]. No question about it." Read more

    Mon, Feb, 20, 2012

  • How Would You Handle These Mentoring Situations?

    As in everyday life, uncomfortable situations occasionally arise between a mentoring pair. The following scenarios are interesting food for thought if you are taking part in or will be taking part in a mentoring relationship in the future. These discussions may also prove a great topic for a group mentoring session.  Read more

    Sat, Feb, 11, 2012

  • 12 Questions Mentors Should Ask Themselves

    Entering into a business mentoring relationship is a BIG deal. It's a big deal for the mentor and it's a big deal for the mentee. Maybe you've done this before. Maybe you've HEARD it all before. But don't downplay what your mentee has to say and share with you. Remember your goal--to assist your mentee to become a better asset for your company. Read more

    Wed, Feb, 01, 2012

  • For Mentorees: How to Prepare For Your Mentoring Meeting

    We live in a fast-paced world with information overload.  As a result, many of us may avoid doing adequate preparation prior to meeting with our mentor. I would like to encourage all mentorees to think about preparation as not something to do, but rather, as time spent focusing on what's been important to you since your last mentoring meeting. Taking 5-15 minutes to reflect will not only enrich your meeting but may bring up issues that you hadn't thought of before that could benefit from your mentoring relationship.  So here are a few ideas on how to spend time preparing. Read more

    Tue, Jan, 24, 2012

  • Business Mentoring and Personal Mentoring-It's All Mentoring!

    In honor of National Mentoring Month, we are posting inspirational mentoring videos.  Read more

    Thu, Jan, 19, 2012