Business Mentoring Insights

  • How important are "questions" in a mentoring relationship?

    After interviewing our very own Rene Petrin, Dan Rockwell, aka the "Leadership Freak", has posted a great article on his blog about the importance of asking questions in a mentoring relationship. Read more

    Mon, Aug, 06, 2012


    If your company does not have a formal mentoring program, this does not mean you can’t find a suitable business mentor within or outside your company. Finding a business mentor is an important strategic decision; therefore you want to take the time needed to explore the right mentor for you. Read more

    Mon, Jul, 30, 2012

  • Building Mentoring Skills: How to Wind Down the Relationship

      In a formal mentoring program, there is a set beginning and a set end to the mentoring relationship. Since mentors and mentorees are asked to make a commitment for a period of time, once that period of time is over, both participants need to be released from any further commitment.  They also need to be provided with a process for formally ending their relationship as well as determining if they wish to continue informally. Without such a process, bad endings and hurt feelings may occur. Formally ending the relationship is just as important as other mentoring skills that are taught to the mentoring pair. Read more

    Mon, Jul, 23, 2012

  • Mentoring Training: Why It's Necessary

    Some companies put mentoring pairs together but provide them with no training whatsoever. Other companies are a little bit more professional and will train the mentors but not the mentorees. Both of those companies are undermining their efforts in mentoring by not providing both mentors and mentorees with the knowledge they need to create and sustain an effective mentoring relationship.  There are two critical components when training mentoring participants of a mentoring program: Read more

    Wed, Jul, 18, 2012

  • Inspirational Business Mentoring Quotes

    At Mentoring Complete, we guide our clients as they begin their mentoring journeys. One thing we realize that we all need--especially in the beginning--is an extra dose of inspiration. Read more

    Tue, Jul, 03, 2012

  • espnW Supports Global Sports Mentoring Program

    espnW has joined forces with the State Department and Hillary Rodham Clinton, US Secretary of State, who announced a Global Sports Mentoring Program which focuses on mentoring young girls and women around the globe. Read more

    Mon, Jun, 25, 2012

  • Announcing Management Mentors' Precision Matching Tool

    Making a good match in mentoring is the most critical component to mentoring program success. A great mentoring program depends on it. You may have a smaller program or a smaller budget, but you shouldn't have to deprive program participants of some of the benefits that mentoring technology has to offer. Read more

    Mon, May, 07, 2012