Business Mentoring Insights

  • Mentoring Program Success Story: Healthcare Industry

    In order to quantify the purpose of an employee mentoring program, many businesses come to us and ask for solid evidence that mentoring programs actually work. We recently put together a number of case studies outlining mentoring program successes. The following is a short and sweet version of a case study we conducted with our client, KentucyOne Health, a non-profit healthcare system. Read more

    Tue, Mar, 31, 2015

  • Don't Micromanage. Mentor Instead!

    An article on yesterday, Six Alternatives to Micromanaging Employees by Andre Lavoie, CEO & Co-Founder of Clear Company—relates to much of what we talk about here at Mentoring Complete Lavoie's article insightfully provides tips to managers who may have a tendency to micromanage their employees, especially when productivity is down. Lavoie suggests letting go of micromanaging tendencies that damage employees' attitude toward the company in the long run.   Read more

    Wed, Jul, 16, 2014

  • Four Overlooked Benefits of Mentoring

    There are many benefits to a corporate mentoring program. From boosting employee morale to reverse mentoring (millennials mentoring baby boomers on the latest and greatest technologies, for example) to successfully supporting women in their career growth goals. Here we discuss four overlooked benefits of mentoring that will position your organization for the best and brightest prospective employees while nurturing the rock stars you already have today. Read more

    Thu, Jul, 03, 2014

  • What Should Be the Focus of Your Mentoring Program?

    For mentoring to work, both partners have to share a focus or focus areas.  Read more

    Fri, Jun, 27, 2014

  • Business Mentoring: Are You Ready to be Mentored?

    Almost everyone thinks that they can use a mentor at some point in their career.  Although this may be true, are you ready to be mentored?  Being a mentee means putting in the commitment necessary toward establishing and maintaining a mentoring relationship and also having some sense of focus in terms of what areas you want to develop both professionally and personally. Read more

    Wed, Mar, 19, 2014

  • Looking for an online mentoring course to start the New Year?

    Are you looking for an online mentoring course either for yourself or for your employees? Are looking to supplement your current mentoring program?   Read more

    Mon, Dec, 30, 2013

  • How your mentor can help when starting a new venture

    What if this happened to you? You’ve been in a stagnant career for some time.  You’re at the top of your game but are feeling frustrated and unfulfilled in your work.  You have thought about starting your own business in a different field but aren’t sure if you can take the risks involved.  You’ve gone to classes on how to start your own business and you’ve done some preliminary work but you can’t seem to move any further ahead.  You know that this new venture is something you would really like to try but you are reluctant to give up the security of a good salary, important benefits and the status of a good job. So you continue to vacillate in taking action, hoping that at some point something will happen to get you to move decisively toward that new venture. You don’t know what it will take but hope that whatever it is comes along soon. Read more

    Thu, Dec, 19, 2013

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