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  • Is It Time To Evaluate Your Mentoring Program?

    Is it time for you to sit down and evaluate your current mentoring program?  Or, did you recently evaluate your program and found that something is just not working right?  Are you dissatisfied with your current mentoring program software because of the components that came with it, or didn’t come with?  Did you even have a choice to pick what would work well for your company?  Or, was it a package deal and you really did not have a choice?  Well, if you have been asking yourself either one of these questions, or all of them, we are here to help! We have many services to offer you, but one in particular that would help you with your current program concerns is having one of our mentoring experts evaluate your program.  They will sit down with you, review your organizational needs, evaluate your program and make suggestions based on our experiences and assist you to get your program back on track.  It may only consist of making a few enhancements or changes to your current program.  Sometimes it may be necessary to have an unbiased individual come in and show you where improvements should be made so that you can get the most out of your program.  If your mentoring program is working out well for you, but you would like assistance managing the program, matching the pairs and completing reports, then our mentoring program software, MentoringComplete, is what you need.  MentoringComplete is completely customizable to what your needs are.  We will let you pick and choose the components that will work for your type of organization.  Your opinion and needs are always at the top of our list and that is why we are always making enhancements to our software to keep up with the newest trends.  It is easy to set up, easy to use, and can support all types of mentoring programs.  Even if you have several different programs at the same time, MentoringCompletecan accommodate your needs.  To view a demo of MentoringComplete, or to set up a complementary consultation to get some ideas of how one of our mentoring experts can help you make some enhancements to your program, please click here.  Read more

    Fri, Mar, 12, 2010


    As technology develops, it has become an important tool in managing mentoring programs.  Technology also creates an entrepreneurial opportunity for those providing online mentoring solutions.  This is all well and good but if you are looking to sift through the various systems be aware that there is a difference! Read more

    Wed, Mar, 10, 2010

  • Curiosity killed the cat or… did it?

    We’re happy to have a guest blogger today. Gaby Marcon is the co-founder Shine People & Places, which is a mentoring and training management firm in the UK. Gaby heads up sales of MentoringComplete in the UK. Read more

    Mon, Feb, 08, 2010

  • Five Main Benefits Of An Online Mentoring Software

    We are happy to share with you a new White Paper that we have added to our list of resources that explains the five main benefits of online mentoring software.  To get access to it, please click here. Read more

    Fri, Feb, 05, 2010

  • Mentoring Within Families

    In 1965, mentored by his father, the late Nand Kishore Ruia, Shashi Ruia began his career in the family’s small construction business in India.  Several years later when his father passed away, Shashi and his brother Ravi, laid the foundation of the Essar Group.  The Essar Group started its operations with the construction of an outer breakwater in Chennai port.  Immediately after that, the Essar Group capitalized on many emerging business opportunities and became India’s first private company to buy a tanker in 1976.  With their continuous investing in diversified markets, the Essar Group has become one of India’s leading companies.  Their latest venture was establishing India’s first mobil phone service in Delhi.  Shashi is widely recognized for promoting India’s industrial growth and the expansion of the nation’s infrastructure sector.  Even though Shashi is highly looked upon, he attributes all of his success to his father who was a great mentor.  Today, Shashi is proud to offer his guidance by being a mentor and guide to several of India’s young entrepreneurs.  Read more

    Fri, Jan, 08, 2010

  • The Perfect Add-On To A Self-Directed Mentoring Program

    If you are currently using an online mentoring software for a self-directed mentoring program but are looking to make some enhancements, then we have a solution for you.  Read more

    Wed, Dec, 02, 2009

  • Are you looking for a Sample Corporate Mentoring RFP?

    If you are looking to implement a corporate mentoring program with the assistance of an outside expert, and are not sure what to include in a request for proposal, then we can help you.  We have created a corporate mentoring RFP template to help guide you in the process.  To learn more about it, or to download it for free, simply click here to fill out a form and you will be able to access it immediately.    Read more

    Mon, Nov, 30, 2009

  • Management Mentors: Mentoring Certification

    Currently, we provide in-person mentoring certification in all the various professional roles involved in mentoring programs. Our certification is based upon experience and tested principles of mentoring that we have used for 20 years. Give us a call today to learn more on how you can become certified to provide your employees an exceptional mentoring program. Read more

    Fri, Nov, 27, 2009

  • Interested in a Corporate Mentoring Consultation?

    Through our mentoring consultations, we help your organization by providing the skills, experience, and perspective necessary to create, manage, and sustain a successful mentoring program. Whether your focus is on succession planning, attracting talent, developing talent, promoting workplace diversity, or all four, Management Mentors is the most qualified consulting partner for your organization. Here are the areas we can specifically address in our mentoring consultations. Read more

    Wed, Nov, 25, 2009

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