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  • Listen to our Podcasts on Corporate Mentoring!

    Management Mentors hosted its own Internet radio show: “Mentoring Matters: Mentoring in Today’s Business World” on VoiceAmerica Business. Now you can download our radio show in digestible 12-minute segments...all for FREE (podcasts are MP3 format). We will give you one show at a time with some tips that you will learn by listening to each podcast. Sit back, listen, and be sure to comment or send us any questions you may have. Read more

    Wed, Oct, 26, 2011

  • Resource and Research on Mentoring

    As a consultant in mentoring, I often search for the latest books/resources on mentoring.  Frequently, some of the stuff written is simply rehashed information repackaged by consultants or so superficial as to be practically useless. There is a resource that I would highly recommend that provides useful insights into this topic. I have a copy and have found a number of insights that I have incorporated in my practice. The book is titled: Read more

    Mon, Aug, 22, 2011

  • Engaging the Talent Within

    When I was a board member with my former employers, we would present an issue and we would share ideas/solutions and sometimes we'd ask:  "Who in the company would be able to add to this idea/solution?"  A simple but powerful statement.  What would happen if managers at all levels and even employees asked that question more often?  In reality, we are all experts in a number of areas and it's this expertise that brings value to an organization.  Recognizing this, more and more companies are attempting to access this wealth of expertise using social networking software tied to talent development.  We've recognized this trend for some time which is why we've created our CoachingComplete online system.   Read more

    Thu, Jun, 02, 2011

  • A Resource for Mentoring Dilemmas

    Being in the mentoring field, I frequently explore the internet to learn about new publications/resources.  Sadly, a lot of what is written is either repetitious or just not helpful.  There is a resource that I've had in my library that others may also find useful:  Mentoring Dilemmas: Developmental Relationships Within Multicultural Organizations edited by Murrell, Crosby and Ely published in 1999.  Focused on mentoring and diversity, it has interesting things to say about Asian, African American and gender pairings both in research and in practice.  I don't often recommend books but this is one of the better ones I've read and found it helpful in my mentoring training sessions. Read more

    Mon, Apr, 04, 2011

  • Are You Looking For Assistance With Your Mentoring Program?

    If you are looking for some assistance with your corporate mentoring program, Management Mentors can assist you with your annual review, your program review, developing your educational reseources, or provide you with our consultation services to help you enhance your program.  Simply give us a call, or send us an email.  We look forward to helping you with all of your mentoring needs! Read more

    Mon, Dec, 13, 2010

  • Have you read “A Mentor’s Companion”?

    From time to time we often get asked what would be a good mentoring book to read.  Well, today we would like to share with you “A Mentor’s Companion” by Larry Ambrose.  Throughout the book you will be intrigued with a wealth of information pertaining to successful mentoring relationships.   Several customers on Amazon gave it a rating of 5 out of 5 stars.  Let us know if you have read it, and what you think about the book. Read more

    Wed, Oct, 27, 2010

  • What Mentoring Consulting Firms Can Offer Fortune 500 Companies

    Many Fortune 500 companies prefer to bring in an experienced mentoring consulting firm to implement a mentoring program for their organization because experienced consultants provide: Read more

    Mon, Apr, 12, 2010

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