Business Mentoring Insights

  • What is modern mentoring?

    Modern mentoring goes beyond the traditional one-to-one mentoring model that pairs a senior member of the organization with a junior member. Instead, modern mentoring encompasses a wide variety of models and philosophies, such as reverse mentoring, speed mentoring, and situational mentoring (just to name a few). Read more

    Tue, Oct, 07, 2014

  • Executive Mentoring: A Delicate Balance

    Executive Mentoring (EM) is an important part of key leadership development. It is a powerful and effective way of sharing high level knowledge and experience Read more

    Tue, Jul, 29, 2014

  • Is your mentoring program "Mentoring Lite?"

    In my conversations with potential customers, I often come across what I would call, "Mentoring Lite" (ML). This is a company with an existing mentoring program that wants to get the most out of mentoring but is putting in the least amount of structure and support to get a return on their investment.  The way you can tell if you have a ML program is to consider the following: Read more

    Tue, Jul, 01, 2014

  • What Should Be the Focus of Your Mentoring Program?

    For mentoring to work, both partners have to share a focus or focus areas.  Read more

    Fri, Jun, 27, 2014

  • Newsletter: Take Your Business Mentoring Program to the Next Level

    We offer some great detailed tips in our latest newsletter about taking your mentoring program to the next level. Here are just a few of the questions we explore:  What is your definition of the next level? Is your program ready for the next level? Have you learned everything you can from your current program, especially if it's a pilot program? Will you continue using the same mentoring model? What role will technology play? Do you provide training? Are you satisfied with your program's size and mentoring model, but you feel there's something lacking, like maybe people can and should be getting more out of the program? Read more

    Tue, Jun, 24, 2014

  • Find the Right Vendor for Your Company's Mentoring Needs

    This blog post is the third in a series we started to discuss what many businesses are asking us when they are considering implementing a mentoring program. The first step involved determining whether it is a mentoring program they need or if it is something else... like coaching. The second step was for folks that have decided that it is mentoring that their business needs, but are confused or are unsure about how to next proceed. Read more

    Thu, Jun, 05, 2014

  • Convincing the C-Suite that mentoring is right for your company

    Are you in a situation where you just KNOW mentoring would have a positive effect on your organization, but you're not so sure the folks in the corner offices would be willing to make an investment in your gut instincts? Read more

    Tue, May, 06, 2014

  • With Mentoring Make Your Company a Better Place to Work

    Carrie Kerpen recently wrote an article for titled "3 Simple Ways to Vastly Improve Your Company Culture: How to Be a Great Boss, Even During the Tough Times." Kerpen's 3 simple ways: Read more

    Wed, Apr, 30, 2014