Business Mentoring Insights

  • Introducing Our New Online Course: Executive Mentoring 101

    Senior executives are leaders not only within their organization, but also within the larger business community. Placed in the highest positions within their companies, their daily actions can dramatically affect our families, our communities, our country, and the world. We often view teachers, doctors, and others as being critical to our well-being as a society. We should view business executives the same way. Business executives have a tremendous wealth of knowledge, expertise, and experience that, when passed on to others, can help us learn from the past, plan for the future, and prepare tomorrow’s leaders. So how do we help business executives share their knowledge with the next generation of great leaders? That's where executive mentoring comes in. Read more

    Thu, Apr, 06, 2017

  • 7 Traits of Highly Successful Mentoring Programs

    Many organizations offer mentoring programs (or some form of mentoring). While many of these programs are decent and admirable, here's the sad truth: truly successful mentoring programs—meaning ones that can sustain the success year after year—tend to be rare. So what's the secret to creating a truly successful program? While a magic formula doesn't exist, the most successful programs tend to have these seven traits in common. 1. The most successful mentoring programs are carefully designed. A well thought out mentoring program typically enjoys great success because someone took the time to think through its set up, its objectives, and the matches between mentors and mentees. Nothing is left to chance. Read more

    Fri, Feb, 17, 2017

  • Mentoring Goals: Examples for Inspiration

    When mentors and mentees begin their journey together, one of the big topics of discussion involves mentoring goals. Read more

    Wed, Feb, 08, 2017

  • Starting a Mentoring Program? Here's a 7-Point Checklist.

    A successful mentoring program can be a boon to your business. However, it must be well thought out and organized to ensure employee development and company growth. Here’s a checklist to get you started: Read more

    Wed, Dec, 07, 2016

  • New Mentoring Course: Group Mentoring for Mentors

    We're thrilled to announce our newest online mentoring course: Group Mentoring for Mentors. Read more

    Tue, Nov, 01, 2016

  • This is What Effective Mentoring Looks Like

    Effective mentoring is a two-way street, meaning that both mentor and mentoree must actively participate in the relationship to make it work. So what would an effective mentoring relationship look like? Here are some signs: Read more

    Mon, Sep, 12, 2016

  • Mentoring Expert or Charlatan? Here's How to Tell.

    Anyone can call him/herself a mentoring expert. Identify the real McCoy by asking these questions. Read more

    Tue, Aug, 30, 2016

  • Mentoring Programs: Tips for the Six-Month Checkup

    The most successful mentoring programs not only have engaged mentors and mentorees, but also engaged mentoring program managers (MPMs). In addition to setting up the program and matching mentors and mentorees, effective MPMs will also conduct "check-ins" with pairs. Ideally, MPMs should check in at least once a quarter, but if that proves too cumbersome, make sure, at the very least, you conduct a mid-point check-in, which usually happens around the six-month mark. During the six-month check-in, you will… Read more

    Tue, Jun, 14, 2016

  • How to Start a Mentoring Program: The Budget Conversation

    When it comes to researching information on how to start a mentoring program, your friend Google will likely lead you to many great articles that discuss things like program type, matching pairs, and selecting program managers. But the one topic that is consistently overlooked? The budget conversation. I'm here to remedy that. Read more

    Wed, Jun, 08, 2016