Business Mentoring Insights

  • 5 Qualities Of A Good Mentor

    There are many qualities needed to be a good mentor.  However, there is a few that stands out that I would like to share with you.  They are: Read more

    Wed, Sep, 30, 2009

  • When should a Mentor Push a Mentoree?

    At a recent meeting of mentors to discuss how relationships were progressing, one asked me the following question: “My mentoree seems to act as though she has reached a plateau but I think she can accomplish more but not sure how much I should push her?” My response: “A mentor pushes and a mentoree chooses!” If a mentor feels that the mentoree is at a plateau, this is important information that should be shared with the mentoree. One can say something like: “I’m wondering if you can accomplish more here? Are you willing to stretch yourself a little with my help?” These words are simply suggestions. What is important is for a mentor to share his/her thoughts about seeing potential and then understanding that it’s up to the mentoree to choose whether to explore further growth or not. Sometimes mentors confuse the process of sharing and suggesting with needing to have the mentoree comply with the vision shared. It’s important for mentors to remember that they facilitate development and that the mentoree is the one responsible for developing. Read more

    Fri, Sep, 04, 2009

  • Mentoring Benefits: Workplace Diversity

    There is a strong business case for workforce diversity and diversity initiatives, such as cross-cultural mentoring programs. Baby boomers are aging and remaining in the workforce longer, companies are conducting more business globally, women are playing a stronger role in executive teams, and a growing number of minorities are entering the U.S. workforce. Read more

    Wed, Jul, 29, 2009

  • Mentoring Tips: Changes Can Be Beneficial

    In a recent article in Fortune Magazine, Julian Robertson, founder of Tiger Management, indicated that the best advice he ever received came from his sister.  She told him one evening after a gathering, “You are becoming a business bore.  No one is interested in talking all night long about stocks.  Quit being a business bore.”  At first Julian did not want to accept this critique, but soon after he realized that it was true.  He found that after he stopped being a “business bore” and found other topics to talk about, he noticed that people were coming to him for advice.  This was a pleasant surprise to him since he was just starting out to become a broker and needed to acquire new clients. So the next time your mentor suggests that you should try to change something about yourself, or try something new, consider the possibility first before you disregard the mentoring tips all together. Read more

    Wed, Jul, 08, 2009

  • Encourage Your Mentorees To Open Up

    Have you ever felt like you do all of the talking during one of your sessions with your mentoree?  Well, there could be a few reasons why you feel this way.  One way to help your mentoree talk more is for you to talk less.  You can’t listen to what they have to say if you are doing all of the talking.  It is important to let them know that you are interested in what they are saying.  Therefore, you can show interest in the conversation by your body language.  It helps when you look at a person, smile, nod and encourage them to continue with their conversation. You also want to give them some positive feedback.  And don’t forget to ask your mentoree questions on what they are speaking to you about.  It is also a good idea to empathize with them.  Try to put yourself in their position and feel what they are saying to you.  Most importantly, you want to make sure you keep the information shared with you confidential.  This will help you gain their trust.  Finally, make an effort to share with them some of your experiences.  It helps the other person see what you have had to accomplish to become a successful leader.   Therefore, as a mentor, the next time you are in a mentoring session and are wondering why your mentoree seems so quiet, ask yourself if you are encouraging them enough to share with you their aspirations and/or concerns. Read more

    Mon, Jun, 22, 2009

  • Good Rules for Mentoree’s To Follow

    As a mentoree, I am sure you are looking to be paired with someone you can get along with, someone who will not intimidate you, someone who is willing to help you, and someone who is willing to give you the time and energy that is needed for a mentoring relationship to work.  However, there are several things as a mentoree that you can do to facilitate the process of your mentoring relationship.  Several things to consider when you are a mentoree are: Read more

    Fri, Jun, 12, 2009

  • Good Rules For Mentors To Follow

    Being a mentor is a very important job.   As a mentor you are looked up to and often feel the pressure to make sure you do not let down your mentoree.  Several things to consider when mentoring someone are: Read more

    Wed, Jun, 10, 2009

  • Seeking A Mentor

      As much as we would like to see more organizations implementing mentoring programs for their employees, sometimes it is just not feasible for a company to accomplish this.  However, keep in mind, even if you organization does not offer a program, you can still seek out a mentor.  How about scheduling an appointment with a co-worker that you admire?  Or, inviting one of your friends to a cup of coffee?  Or, visiting one of your college professors?  Mentors can come in many different ways, can be found in different locations, and sometimes it can be the last person you expected.  So what are you waiting for?  Go strike up a conversation with an old friend, colleague or professor.  I am sure you will not regret it!  If anything, you may learn something new.  Read more

    Fri, Jun, 05, 2009