Business Mentoring Insights

  • Say Hello to the NEW Mentoring University

    Mentoring University is the educational arm of our company, and we gave it a makeover in January. Mentoring comes naturally to most people. No doubt, we've all done some informal mentoring in our lives at some point. But a formal mentoring relationship requires additional instruction and insight. And that's what Mentoring University is all about—it provides cost-effective resources that will help deepen your understanding of mentoring. Think e-learning courses, ebooks, and webinars. Our new Mentoring University site accomplishes several goals: Read more

    Thu, Mar, 17, 2016

  • How to Start a Mentoring Program

    If one of your resolutions is to launch a mentoring program this year, then step right up! "How to start a mentoring program" is one of the most common questions we receive. Here's the thing: before you go all in, it makes sense to start with a small pilot program. This allows you to test things out on a smaller scale, see what works (and what doesn't), and adjust accordingly for a larger launch. The tips below will guide you through the set-up of a pilot mentoring program. Let's get to it. Read more

    Tue, Jan, 05, 2016

  • Employee Development Goals: How Mentoring Helps

     Talent managers are famous for giving people straightforward employee development goals. It makes sense, of course. Talent managers are supposed to nurture the organization's talent. Read more

    Mon, Oct, 19, 2015

  • Mentoring Activities: How to Wrap Up Your Meetings

      You've had a productive mentoring session, and you're excited about the possibilities. You're approaching the end of your one hour (or 1.5 hours), and you want to make sure both you and your partner are on the same page regarding next steps. Of course, this leads to some important questions: Who is responsible for creating a list of next steps—the mentor, the mentoree, or a combination? Should you create a tentative agenda for the next meeting, or should the mentoree be responsible for formulating an agenda right before the next meeting? What if the mentoree has questions in between sessions? How will you measure progress?   We recommend the following mentoring activities as you near the end of each session. Read more

    Tue, Sep, 22, 2015

  • SlideShare: 9 Mentoring Program Best Practices

    Any company that is incorporating a mentoring program should follow best practices. Whether you are designing your program or you already have a mentoring program in place, be sure to check out our SlideShare: 9 Mentoring Program Best Practices to ensure you are offering your mentoring program participants the absolute best chance at a successful mentoring relationship. Read more

    Thu, Mar, 26, 2015

  • MentoringComplete: A Robust Online Mentoring Software

    We get a lot of questions about the the pros and cons of online mentoring software. Here, we've compiled some of the frequently asked questions we get about our online mentoring software, MentoringComplete.    Why should my company have a mentoring program? Studies show that employees who work with a business mentor flourish in their careers. Companies that offer mentoring programs typically enjoy higher productivity and better employee retention. Read more

    Tue, Jul, 22, 2014

  • Following a Mentoring Program Best Practices

    If a company commits to a mentoring program but doesn't follow best practices, the mentoring program will be ineffective. Time, effort and money will be lost. Read more

    Thu, Apr, 24, 2014

  • Quiz: Best Communication Style in Mentoring Relationships

    Consider your answer to the following question. This post is meant to help to clarify your preferred communication style within your mentoring relationship.  There is no right or wrong answer. This exercise is meant only as a means to provide an opportunity for you to assert the communication style most comfortable to you. Read more

    Thu, Nov, 07, 2013

  • How Can Your Company Motivate Mentors?

    The biggest challenge for most mentoring programs is to get a sufficient number of mentors involved. To motivate mentors, there are two important factors your company should emphasize: Read more

    Wed, Sep, 25, 2013