Business Mentoring Insights

  • Mentoring Women: Tips for Finding Mentors

    Mentoring is an important career strategy that provides countless benefits. Although everyone should have a mentor, finding one is not always an easy process. This can be especially true for women in the workplace, for a variety of reasons (including the fact some men may feel hesitant and/or uncomfortable mentoring female colleagues). Read more

    Wed, Apr, 20, 2016

  • 3 Leadership Skills For Mentoring Program Managers

      As the mentoring program manager (MPM), you'll essentially be leading a group of mentors and mentorees over nine to 12 months. As such, it makes sense for MPMs to develop these three leadership skills. Read more

    Mon, Mar, 07, 2016

  • Managing Diversity in the Workplace: 3 Ways Mentoring Helps

    Diversity and inclusion are fundamental to business success. Given the fact that technology has allowed us to be more global in working and communicating, this comes as no surprise. Read more

    Mon, Oct, 26, 2015

  • Do You Know the 5 Types of Business Mentoring Program Models?

    One of the advantages of mentoring is that it can be adapted to any organization’s culture and resources. There are several mentoring program models to choose from when developing a business mentoring program. The following are the 5 types of business mentoring models: Read more

    Mon, Aug, 17, 2015

  • Does Your Company Have a Mentoring Philosophy?

    At Mentoring Complete, we believe that mentoring is about building a trusting, transformational relationship promoting the sharing of personal experience and the transmission of knowledge and insight. The result is a relationship creating a developmental learning environment with opportunities for both mentor and mentee to stretch beyond his or her boundaries within a safe environment. Read more

    Wed, May, 06, 2015

  • Making Successful Matches Between Mentors and Mentees

      Parts of this blog post have been previously published in our monthly newsletter titled, Business Mentoring: How We Match Mentors and Mentees. Read more

    Mon, Nov, 24, 2014

  • Sneak Peak! MentoringComplete: Fresh New Look AND Features

    Okay, so we are completely aware that all blogging best practices scream "Don't be too promotional! Share relevant industry information, but don't use your blog as a platform to toot your own horn!"    But, today we are going against best practices (shh! don't tell our awesome marketing team!) because we also know that many of our blog followers also use our super robust  mentoring software, MentoringComplete, (and if you are not currently using it, maybe you're thinking about it :-). So we just had to share the exciting news about our fresh new look and the new features we are rolling out.   MentoringComplete is now even more visually appealing and easier to use than ever before! Tweet this!   Here are just a few of the updates:   We have simplified the user mentoring program manager home page and given it a new look: We simplified the 3-step matching process for Program Managers and added the ability to add a bio of a user (mentor/mentoree) to aid in the matching process. We also simplified the save matches functionality.   We made the editing process for both program managers and participants a little bit more visually appealing.  Not using an online mentoring software system? Check out this FREE resource and learn about the benefits today. Read more

    Wed, Nov, 12, 2014

  • Mentoring Myth: Long and Formal Mentoring Program is the Best

    This is our fifth in a series of posts on mentoring myths. And we think this one will blow your mind! Read more

    Tue, Sep, 09, 2014

  • Mentoring Myth: Mentoring and Coaching are Same

    There are some mentoring myths we encounter day in and day out as we guide our clients on their mentoring journey. This is the fourth in a series of posts on mentoring myths. Watch as we bust this myth wide open as we have done with the first three! Read more

    Thu, Sep, 04, 2014