Business Mentoring Insights

  • Best of 2017: The Business Mentoring Edition

    'Tis the season for cheer, goodwill, and "best of" lists. Read more

    Mon, Dec, 18, 2017

  • What Does a Mentor Do?

      We firmly believe that just about anyone can be a mentor, provided it's something the person wants to do. (If someone doesn't want to mentor, forcing the person into a relationship would never be a good idea.)  Read more

    Wed, Sep, 06, 2017

  • News About Our Mentoring Workbooks

    We have over ten titles available as downloads (perfect for phones and tablets).  Read more

    Mon, Jul, 17, 2017

  • Business Mentoring Link Fest: Spring 2017 Edition

    It’s time for another roundup of interesting articles on business mentoring that we’ve recently come across. Read more

    Thu, May, 25, 2017

  • National Mentoring Month: That’s a Wrap

    Editor’s note: January is National Mentoring Month. All month long, we celebrated by sharing our own personal stories with mentoring. Read the essays from our team: Rene Petrin, Robyn Bradley, Joanne Wills, and Ranae Mogensen. To wrap up, we thought we’d provide some tips for mentors and mentorees—tips based on the stories our team members shared. Read more

    Tue, Jan, 31, 2017

  • My Mentor and Me: The Next Laverne & Shirley?

    In honor of National Mentoring Month, I am pleased to share experiences I have had with a personal mentor of mine. My mentor takes the role of coach, confidante, teacher, cheerleader, friend and joker. Our relationship sometimes reminds me a little bit of two silly TV icons from the 70’s. You know the ones… ON YOUR MARKS GET SET AND GO NOW Robyn Bradley, who works for Management Mentors’ marketing team, unknowingly became my mentor when I was hired to work for MM six years ago. I had taken a ten-year sabbatical while raising a family. Re-entry into the work force proved that I was GREEN in so many ways. So many things in the business world had changed—namely—the web had changed EVERYTHING. While I was out attending playdates and preschool graduations, marketing folks were turning more and more to the internet to conduct business. Read more

    Tue, Jan, 24, 2017

  • How One Boss Morphed into Coach, Mentor, & Friend

    Editor's note: January is National Mentoring Month. To celebrate, we're featuring our own stories and experiences with mentoring. Below is an essay from Joanne Wills, our sales manager. Read more

    Thu, Jan, 19, 2017

  • How My Mentor Helped Me Find My Confidence

    Editor's note: January is National Mentoring Month. To celebrate, we're featuring our own stories and experiences with mentoring. Below is a personal essay from Robyn Bradley, who is on our marketing team. A slightly different version of this essay appeared on her author website. Read more

    Wed, Jan, 11, 2017

  • Business Mentoring Articles: Final Link Fest of 2016

    At least once a quarter, we like to share business mentoring articles we’ve been reading and sharing internally. Here’s our final roundup of 2016. (Go here, here, and here to read previous installments from this year.) 1. Mentors Can Show Way at Work. This article highlights Andrea Crisafulli, president of Crisafulli Bros. Plumbing and Heating Contractors. Crisafulli has had many great mentors along the way and has paid it forward as well. Insightful quote: “Having someone to show you the ropes and make introductions for you when you're just getting your career going is valuable. But it's also worthwhile to keep adding to your roster of mentors at every stage of your life.” Read more

    Mon, Dec, 19, 2016