Business Mentoring Insights

  • Does Your Organization Need Coaching or Mentoring?

    Sometimes the words mentoring and coaching are used interchangeably. While mentoring and coaching have similarities, they aren’t the same thing and there are some specific differences. The question is, how do you know when your organization needs coaching, and when it needs mentoring?  Read more

    Mon, Jul, 06, 2020

  • Top Mistakes of the New Professional Mentor

    While it’s important to talk about the qualities of a good mentor, it’s also important to talk about the most common mistakes that mentors make. Often when first starting out, professionals may not exactly understand the role of a mentor. Read more

    Fri, May, 15, 2020

  • Topics to Include in Your Mentor Training

    One important piece of a formal mentoring program is mentor training. However, because mentors are, by definition, people with expertise and experience, it’s sometimes assumed that they don’t need training; and this part of administering a mentoring program gets overlooked. Read more

    Wed, Mar, 25, 2020

  • The Benefits of Informal Mentoring vs. Formal Mentoring Programs

    The benefits of mentoring for organizations are clear and wide-ranging. Mentoring can help organizations retain staff, increase diversity, develop up-and-coming leaders, capture institutional knowledge, and more.  Read more

    Thu, Mar, 05, 2020

  • 7 Qualities of a Good Mentor

    Samuel Taylor Coleridge has been credited (perhaps incorrectly) with saying, “advice is like snow; the softer it falls, the longer it dwells upon, and the deeper it sinks into the mind.” Regardless of the original source of the simile, it points to the fact that successful mentoring and coaching require finesse and a light touch. A heavy hand just won’t do.  Read more

    Wed, Feb, 19, 2020

  • 12 Ideas for Business Mentoring Activities

      Mentoring these days is more than meeting for coffee or dinner. While sharing a meal or a cup of joe can help build relationships between the mentor and mentee, it can get monotonous quickly. If you’re starting a mentoring program at your company, consider some of these ideas for getting the mentor and mentee together and connecting. Read more

    Mon, Feb, 17, 2020

  • What’s the difference between coaching and mentoring?

      On the surface, mentoring and coaching look very similar: they are both interventions dedicated to developing employees, they are both built around a relationship with clearly defined roles, and success as coach or mentor requires many of the same interpersonal and communication skills.  Read more

    Fri, Jan, 31, 2020

  • The Benefits of Mentoring on Career Development

      Successful career development requires much more than technical and job-related skills. Typically, crafting a successful career requires effective communication and other soft skills, professional relationships and networks, and a career vision. Many professionals fail to move up the career ladder even while excelling at their jobs because they lack some of these important competencies. However, a mentor can help professionals develop some of these extra-role skills and build key relationships; being a part of a mentoring relationship can be transformational for early career professionals. Read more

    Mon, Dec, 16, 2019