Business Mentoring Insights

  • Mentoring Tips: Changes Can Be Beneficial

    In a recent article in Fortune Magazine, Julian Robertson, founder of Tiger Management, indicated that the best advice he ever received came from his sister.  She told him one evening after a gathering, “You are becoming a business bore.  No one is interested in talking all night long about stocks.  Quit being a business bore.”  At first Julian did not want to accept this critique, but soon after he realized that it was true.  He found that after he stopped being a “business bore” and found other topics to talk about, he noticed that people were coming to him for advice.  This was a pleasant surprise to him since he was just starting out to become a broker and needed to acquire new clients. So the next time your mentor suggests that you should try to change something about yourself, or try something new, consider the possibility first before you disregard the mentoring tips all together. Read more

    Wed, Jul, 08, 2009

  • A Successful Mentoring Program

      An international organization came to us over 5 years ago in search of enhancing their current internal mentoring program.  However, once we evaluated it, we noticed that their program was really just a coaching/performance based program which was really an extension of management rather than true mentoring.  Not only have we seen this happen with this organization, but also with several other companies.  During our many years of helping organizations, we notice that sometimes people often confuse coaching and mentoring. Though related, they are not the same because a mentor may coach, but a coach does not mentor. Also, mentoring is "relational" while coaching is "functional."  Fortunately, this organization allowed us to make changes to their program and we created a buddy program for new employees and created a mentoring program for employees who were with the company for about a year.  Since this international organization is a flat organization, it was simply new graduates with one year service that participated in the mentoring program.  It was designed to help them develop skills and move into positions as openings occur within the organization.  This company has expanded the mentoring program throughout the organization over a 5 year period to create a mentoring culture.  They have seen an 86% success rate with their program in terms of matches and participant satisfaction.  Their ability to recognize the changes that needed to be implemented, along with their outstanding dedication to their employees, has landed this organization on the list of the Best Companies for Diverse Graduates 2009.  And not only that, this company was also named to BusinessWeek's Top 50 Places to Launch a Career for the third straight year! Read more

    Wed, May, 13, 2009

  • Congratulations to Enterprise Rent-A-Car

      We would like to congratulate one of our clients, Enterprise Rent-A-Car for being chosen as one of the Best Companies for Diverse Graduates 2009.  This selective list was compiled by Diversity Edge Magazine.  The companies that were selected were those that have shown leadership in recruiting employees, retaining employees, and advancing the careers of diverse professionals.  Diversity Edge Magazine also looked for organizations that provide excellent entry level programs for individuals who have recently graduated college.  In June, there will be a feature article in Diversity Edge Magazine.  Read more

    Mon, May, 11, 2009


      Recently, Fortune Magazine listed their famous 100 Best Companies To Work For.  Among that list, many of those organizations choose to offer valuable training resources, such as mentoring, cross training and shadowing, to their employees. These companies choose to develop and offer these opportunities to their employees as a way for them to share the knowledge between senior employees and those entering a new job or looking to move up the corporate ladder.  The leaders and managers at these companies provide the support, dedication and resources that each individual needs to develop the skills needed to encourage them to continue to learn and develop new ideas.  In turn, the company is gaining positive employees that are motivated and committed to their jobs.  Read more

    Mon, May, 04, 2009

  • Questions Mentors Should Ask

      Recently, I read an article about a mentorship framework that has helped a CEO at a thriving organization.  The article, "Five Questions Every Mentor Should Ask" provides a set of five questions that may seem simple to ask but they actually are very influential in the guidance that a mentor will share with its mentee.  The questions are as follows: Read more

    Fri, May, 01, 2009

  • Facebook Brings In A Mentoree To Their Company

      Just recently, Facebook, social networking website, hired Sheryl Sandberg as Chief Operating Officer.  Her job is to do what she did for Google, "Find a way to turn a cool platform into a secure-fire moneymaker."  As Vice President of Global Online Sales and Operations at Google, she ran its lucrative AdWords program.  This program allows marketers to buy advertising adjacent to relevant Google searches.  While many executives recognize her name by her work at Google, only a few of them know that she spent much of her career working in policy.  Sheryl has worked alongside Larry Summers, head of White House's National Economic Council.  She first met Larry when she took one of his economic courses at Harvard University.  He became her thesis advisor and hired her to work with him at World Bank after she graduated.  Later, she worked with him on several other critical projects that gained her a reputation for her intellect and her ability to manage personal relationships.  Larry was quoted saying, "She never let an event go without a resolution.  It made my job easier, and it also made me perform better."  Read more

    Wed, Apr, 01, 2009

  • Mentoring Tips: Are You Making History?

    As we come close to the end of March, Americans have successfully celebrated another year of Women's History Month.  Some people ask "Why women's history?"  Educator Myra Pollack Sadler answered that question: "Each time a girl opens a book and reads a womanless history, she learns she is worth less."  The National Women's History Project is an educational nonprofit organization that helps organizations in promoting National Women's History Month.  They are noted saying, "History helps us learn who we are, but when we don't know our own history, our power and dreams are immediately diminished."  Read more

    Mon, Mar, 30, 2009

  • Fortune 500 Companies & Corporate Mentoring Programs

    According to an article on corporate mentoring programs,"About 70% of Fortune 500 companies offer mentoring programs." And the article discusses how some companies--and employees--handle the process of finding a mentor. For some companies, it's more automated than it is for others. Read more

    Mon, Feb, 23, 2009