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  • Was The First Firework Inventor A Mentor?

    It is believed by some people that the first firework was accidentally discovered by a Chinese cook while mixing together charcoal, sulphur and saltpeter (all common things found in a kitchen back then). After the mixture burned, which was compressed in a bamboo tube, it exploded causing the first firework. Other individuals agree that the first firework was invented in China; however, it was accidentally invented after a bamboo was accidentally thrown into a fire causing a huge explosion that frightened many people because of the loud noise. It was also believed that this newly discovered explosion was first used to frighten away evil spirits with their loud sound. Eventually, the art and science of firework making developed into a profession where the well-respected individuals are known as pyrotechnicians. Therefore, it can be assumed that it all started when "one person" many, many years ago mentored another person by sharing their knowledge of their discovery that we can today enjoy the magnificent productions featuring an array of colorful fireworks consisting of a variety of shapes and sizes, that are seen all over the world today during holidays, birthdays and festivals. With that being said, we would like to wish everyone a happy and safe 4th of July. Read more

    Fri, Jul, 02, 2010

  • How Is Mentoring Like Coaching Little League?

      After researching several articles on mentoring, Ray Nash, President of National Association of Agricultural Educators (NAAE), indicates in their most recent newsletter, "The more I read, the more I was convinced that coaching my son's team and mentoring have a great deal in common.  Both demand demonstration, performance, consultation, and evaluation."   In his article, he explains how demonstration is a way to show others what the best strategies are to get something done.  With baseball and mentoring, it is important to teach proper techniques.  He continues to explain that monitoring performance is the key to offer guidance.  With both baseball and mentoring, the key is to offer support to the individual which will minimize any frustration that they are encountering.  Consultation is the time for a one-on-one moment, and this is the time that most problems are solved.  Ray shares with us that evaluation is a way to offer feedback to someone which is an important way to help the person improve their outcomes whether it is to make changes during a game, or to steer a mentoree in the right direction.  He concludes his article by stating, "Some of my most valued life experiences have been in coaching and mentoring either my young ball players or younger agricultural teachers.  It is my hope that you will chose to make a difference in the life of someone who needs and values your expertise.  You might just discover, as I have, the one who often benefits most from the experience is you."  As a parent of a Little League child, I can completely relate to his point of view.  The best Little League coaches are the ones that enlighten your child no matter what type of day that they have had on the field!  To read the full article from Ray Nash, please click here.  To learn more about how Management Mentors can help you create a new mentoring program, or to assist you to enhance an established program, please click here. Read more

    Mon, Jun, 14, 2010

  • Learn Why Mentoring Young Women And Girls Are Important

    Tabby Biddle, writer and editor to empowering women and girls, recently had an article published in The Huffington Post explaining why it is important to mentor young women and girls.  Tabby says "when we support the growth and empowerment of women and girls, we raise the quality of life for everyone.  This is because when women lead they not only lead in businesses, they lead in their community, they fight for their children, and they give voices to issues that are important to our collective future - like education and health care."  In her article, Tabby explores two different organizations that are focused on mentoring, empowering and inspiring our next generation of leaders. To read to the complete article, please click here. Read more

    Wed, Jun, 09, 2010

  • ASTD Recognizes Mentoring Complete's FREE White Paper

    Recently, Mentoring Complete published a new White Paper titled "The Well-Leveraged Corporate Mentoring Program" and to our admiration, it was recognized by one of the world's largest professional association dedicated to the training and development field, ASTD.  In their Blog, Author and Associate Editor Ann Pace, shared with their audience what the paper was about, the inspiration for the topic and some of the services the Management Mentors provides.  Therefore, we would like to send a great big thank you to ASTD for recognizing us!  To view the ASTD blog post, please click here.  To download your FREE copy of the White Paper, please click here.  Read more

    Fri, Jun, 04, 2010

  • Mentoring Women Leaders From Developing Countries

    Just last week, many powerful women from a variety of Fortune 500 Companies including American Express, Google, Yahoo, Wells Fargo, Xerox, and Time Warner met with 33 young women leaders from 25 developing countries.  Their mission for the next three weeks is to have each young woman paired up with a distinguished women mentor from a Fortune 500 Company that is involved in Fortune’s MPWomen community.  The Fortune MPWomen community is made up of women executives who mentor and empower women all over the globe.  Upon completion of the mentoring program in the US, the majority of these young leaders return to their own countries to share their experiences and also to create their own mentoring programs in hopes to further educate their growing population of women leaders.  If these young leaders can go back to their countries and start a program, shouldn’t you start one too? Read more

    Fri, May, 07, 2010

  • Did You Know That May Is National Military Appreciation Month?

    Each year all over the United States, many people come together during the month of May to celebrate National Military Appreciation Month (NMAM).  According to the official website, “National Military Month (May 2010) includes Loyalty Day (1st), VE Day (8th), Military Spouse Appreciation Day (7th), Armed Forces Day (15th), and Memorial day (30th).  This very important month honors, remembers, recognizes and appreciates all military personnel; those men and women who have served throughout our history and all who now serve in uniform and their families as well as those Americans who have given their lives in defense of our freedoms we all enjoy today.”   Designated by Congress, National Military Appreciation Month “provides a period encompassing both the history and recognition of our armed services with an in-depth look at the diversity of its individuals and achievements.”  To find out more about this years events throughout the US, how to participate in a program, to become a mentor, or to support our Military, please click here to visit the National Military Appreciation Month website.    Read more

    Mon, May, 03, 2010

  • First Lady, Michelle Obama, On Her Journey As A Mentor

    Previously, we shared with you a new mentoring initiative that First Lady, Michelle Obama, was going to launch for young women.  Mrs. Obama, as well as President Obama, strongly supports mentoring initiatives because they have said on many occasions that they have had many mentors throughout their careers and to them, it is extremely important to give back to the community.  Click here to view a video of Michelle Obama and senior Administration women on a mentoring trip to Denver to see her initiative in full swing.    Read more

    Wed, Apr, 28, 2010

  • Earth Day Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary

    There are numerous preparations taking place all over the country today for tomorrow’s grand celebration of Earth Day’s 40th Anniversary.  Earth Day is a great opportunity to mentor friends and family and provide them with resources and solutions to create a healthier, more sustainable planet. There are many core issues that need to be recognized, if not resolved.  You can participate in programs such as: Plant A Tree Program, Recycling & Waste Reduction, Switch-Off Power Hour, Green Week, Green Schools, or on your own, for example, by going organic or investing in energy efficient appliances.  For a complete list of programs, celebrations, or ideas on how to mentor individuals on our Earth’s ecosystem, please visit   Read more

    Wed, Apr, 21, 2010

  • American Experience Presents Earth Days

    In celebration of Earth Day, this evening from 9pm EST – 11pm EST, PBS will be featuring “Earth Days”, “a feature length documentary about the origins of the modern environmental movement, told through the eyes of nine Americans who inspired to act on what they believed was the most important challenge facing mankind.”  This documentary was produced to help mentor individuals all around the world by exposing them to the impact of our technology on the Earth’s ecosystem. When “Earth Days” was selected to be the Closing Night Film at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival, The Washington Post reported that “the movie revisits many milestones in the saga, including the founding of Earth Day; President Richard Nixon's progressive legislation in the 1970s for clean air, water and endangered species; and the influence of books such as Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring."  This film is just another way to enlighten people to reach out and mentor others about our planet.  Who will you mentor? Read more

    Mon, Apr, 19, 2010