Business Mentoring Insights

  • What is Mentoring, and What is it Not?

      While there is so much talk about the benefits of mentoring in the workplace, it may seem a little late to ask the question, “exactly what is mentoring?” Although it is a somewhat fluid concept, there are some clear distinctions between mentoring and other activities. Before joining or starting a professional mentoring program at your workplace, it’s important to have a clear idea about what mentoring is. Read more

    Tue, Apr, 07, 2020

  • Seven Tips for Managing an Online Mentoring Program

    If you’re setting up a virtual mentoring program or transitioning an existing mentoring program online, you might have some questions about how to make it as meaningful as possible for the mentor and the mentee. While certain mentoring activities don’t always translate well to virtual environments and need to be redesigned (for example, job shadowing), mentoring relationships can nevertheless thrive online. Below are some tips to make your virtual mentoring program most effective. Read more

    Fri, Apr, 03, 2020

  • Three Must-Haves for a Successful Mentoring Program

    As more and more business leaders are learning about the power and benefits of mentoring, they are ready to jump in and start a formal business mentoring program at their company. Read more

    Fri, Mar, 27, 2020

  • Topics to Include in Your Mentor Training

    One important piece of a formal mentoring program is mentor training. However, because mentors are, by definition, people with expertise and experience, it’s sometimes assumed that they don’t need training; and this part of administering a mentoring program gets overlooked. Read more

    Wed, Mar, 25, 2020

  • Best Practices To Develop Your Mentoring Relationship Virtually

    For the last three decades, the workplace has been slowly shifting to a more digital landscape. Now with cities on lockdown and companies asking employees to work from home, that shift has quickly escalated.  Read more

    Mon, Mar, 23, 2020

  • How Mentoring Helps to Develop Leadership Skills

    Virtually all businesses understand the value of good leadership, and the importance for developing leadership capabilities in their employees. However, not as many organizations know how to develop leadership skills within its workforce.  Read more

    Fri, Mar, 13, 2020

  • Using the Kirkpatrick Model to Evaluate Your Mentoring Program

    Many organizations that start a professional mentor program get so wrapped up in the details of program launch, and decide to wait until the first cohort is over to get feedback from the mentor and mentee and measure the success of the mentoring program on the whole. Read more

    Mon, Mar, 09, 2020

  • The Benefits of Informal Mentoring vs. Formal Mentoring Programs

    The benefits of mentoring for organizations are clear and wide-ranging. Mentoring can help organizations retain staff, increase diversity, develop up-and-coming leaders, capture institutional knowledge, and more.  Read more

    Thu, Mar, 05, 2020