3 Excuses Companies Use to Justify Skipping Mentoring Training

do not skip mentoring trainingIt would seem common sense that companies should train both mentors and mentorees in understanding the dynamics of a mentoring relationship.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case for a variety of reasons.  Here are a few:


1. We don't have the budget.

Well maybe you shouldn't have a mentoring program. Putting two people together without giving them the tools to understand what they should be doing is almost a waste of time and money

2. I've mentored most of my life so why should I need training in mentoring?


Because mentoring someone in a professional mentoring program that has specific guidelines and objectives is not the same as informal mentoring.
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3. Why do we need to train mentorees if we've already trained mentors? Shouldn't the mentors guide the mentoree in understanding this relationship? 


Both partners need to be on the same page. Even after formal training, mentors and mentorees need further support. To illustrate the point, try asking 3-4 individuals to define the word confidentiality as they understand it in a mentoring relationship. You will likely get different nuances which would make a difference if the other partner doesn't share the same nuance.

So to keep your program professional and successful, be sure to train both mentors and mentorees. Also, don't forget mentoring program managers, who keep the program running successfully! 


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