3 Ways Employee Mentoring Boosts Company Morale

As we discussed in our last post, 4 Ways Employee Mentoring Will Help Your Business, an employee mentoring program will create loyalty to your organization by both mentors and mentorees, it will break down barriers and silo mentalities across departments by increasing knowledge share, and it can help your employees avoid making costly mistakes by allowing mentorees to tap into the expertise of others who have come before them.

But how can employee mentoring boost your company morale?

1. A mentor shows a personal interest in their mentoree and that interest can revitalize a mentoree/employee to develop or re-animate their career by having someone they can talk to and who will listen to them. By talking to someone who knows the organization, they may also come up with career paths they did not think of before. Those career paths keep them with your organization longer.

2. During periods of transition (which can be very traumatic to employee morale) having a mentor can help smooth the transition--reducing employee anxiety and assisting in changing the culture.

3. Due to the personal relationships developed in employee mentoring, mentors and mentorees will have a new-found vested interest in the company's success. This vested interest translates into happier employees. Happier employees translate into a boost in your company morale!

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Do you have any other ideas about how employee mentoring can boost company morale?



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