How can mentoring help rapidly expanding global companies?

international business mentoringCommon challenges facing so many businesses and Human Resources departments today are educating, developing, and innovating their employees to handle diversity, foreign business practices, cultural differences, and leadership styles on a global level.

Whether you are already doing business across the globe or are planning to develop an international workforce in the future, we came across an interesting article by Accenture "How to Manage A Global Workforce" by David Gartside, Stefano Griccioli, and Rustin Richburg. Accenture recognizes the importance of talent and organization performance and says in this article:

 "As companies in almost every industry stake a large portion of their growth plans on global expansion, the precision and consistency with which they approach talent management capabilities, HR policies and leadership development must increase. Attracting and retaining skilled workers, stabilizing the labor force in a new market, increasing productivity, structuring an organization so that credible and competent leadership is placed in the right locations, fashioning a culture that is consistent but also accommodates local differences—these are now the activities and competencies that are critical to success."

Mentoring is a key component for any organization that strives for a stronger workforce, talent retention, management development, diversity initiatives, and succession planning.

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