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Mentoring applies to so many different aspects of people's lives as well as many different professions. Last week we shared a story about the important role mentoring played in an actor's life. This week we found an inspiring story and the important message a writer has to share about mentoring.

Ken Gire's blog, The Importance of a Mentor, hit so many key points that we try to share with our Mentoring Complete audience. Gire details his dream of becoming a writer, but recognized the lack of a mentor early in his career. Now a successful writer, Gire is looking to mentor other writers who are beginning their journey. These are Gire's thoughtful suggestions as to what to look for in a mentor:

  • Truth. Without honesty about your craft you will literally never move your writing to the next level.

  • Encouragement. While nearly every writer needs to improve in specific ways, gifted and growing writers have areas they’re already doing well in.

  • Tools and Resources. A coach/mentor doesn’t do the practicing and learning for you. You still have to put in the work. But a good mentor will point you in the right direction.

  • Hope and Reality. You need to know if you've got it. A good mentor will either bathe you with hope of the goal yet fulfilled (publishing well), or he will splash you with the reality that you'll always have a day job.
Mentoring Complete agrees whole-heartedly with Gire, and would also add:
  • Facilitate, not clone. Your mentor already exists. This world doesn't want an exact copy of him/her. We want you! Look for a mentor whose goal is to facilitate you in achieving your goals, not clone him/herself.
  • Listen. A great mentor will assess your strengths and your areas for development by making the effort to listen to you while blocking out the "noise."
  • Commitment. The ideal mentor will show up! Finding the right mentor for you may be the first half of your battle, but getting your dream mentor to make the commitment and make time for YOU is equally as important.


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