12 Questions Mentors Should Ask Themselves

Entering into a business mentoring relationship is a BIG deal. It's a big deal for the mentor and it's a big deal for the mentee. Maybe you've done this before. Maybe you've HEARD it all before. But don't downplay what your mentee has to say and share with you. Remember your goal--to assist your mentee to become a better asset for your company.

Take a minute to ask yourself the following questions. Do you recognize yourself?


1. Do you only listen for facts and miss the feelings, attitudes, perceptions being expressed? 

2. Do you interrupt the person speaking? 

3. Do you fake attention rather than really listen? 

4. Are you easily distracted by noise, temperature, etc., and do you distract with gestures and mannerisms?

5. Do you hear only what you want to hear rather than what is being said? 

6. Do you agree that you understood what was said even when you really don’t? 

7. Are you planning your response while the other person is still speaking? 

8. Do you do something else while the person is speaking and, therefore, fail to really pay attention? 

9. Do you have a need to be right rather than to have a dialogue which is of mutual benefit? 

10. Do you belabor a point by going on and on? 

11. Do you frequently jump to conclusions? 

12. Do you make eye contact when you’re involved in a conversation?


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