Podcast #8: Successfully Managing A Mentoring Program

In Management Mentors 8th podcast in a series of 12, Successfully Managing A Mentoring Program, we will be dicussing the importance of utilizing a Mentoring Program Manager (MPM).  

Can a mentoring program exist by itself without a manager? Consider the following:

The MPM ensures that mentoring pairs meet on a regular basis, they ensure accountability between the pairs, they support the pairs with any issues that may come up, they provide mentors with resources, tools, techniques, and above all ENCOURAGEMENT.

The MPM plays a KEY role in any mentoring program. The Mentoring Program Manager guides and advises the mentor. Many mentors without an MPM would drop out of mentoring programs if they did not have an MPM to go to for guidance and support.


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Topics: Mentoring Programs, Mentoring Success, Mentors & Mentorees, Mentoring Program Manager