MM Podcast #7 - Communication Strategies in Mentoring

At Management Mentors, we have been posting podcasts on everything you need to know about corporate mentoring. The seventh podcast in our series, Communication Strategies in Mentoring, is an important one. 

During this free-to-you podcast (which is in an mp3 format), we will be discussing:

  • The key players and how they communicate: mentor, mentoree, mentoring program manager, the mentoree's manager
  • Who is communicating with whom? 
  • How to protect the integrity of the mentoring relationship
You may be surprised at which of these key players may feel out of the loop, and which key player is THE critical key to the process.
Check out this podcast and listen to it when your time allows; and as always, please feel free to send us any questions or comments you may have below.
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Topics: Mentoring Programs, Mentoring Software & Tools, Talent Development and Retention