Management Mentors Podcast #2-Best Practices in Mentoring

Senior Management is interested in things that are going to generate results, right?

Do you think having a strategic business driver that will retain talent, reduce turnover, and help your diverse population of employees move forward in the organization will get your senior management to commit to a corporate mentoring program?

And how about those in your organization who could benefit from being mentored? How will they feel knowing knowing that senior management has made a commitment on the part of the organization because there is a strategic business reason for doing it. Is it fair to say that the message to them may be "We really think this is important for your development as you grow with us to make the business more effective and more competitive in today's world."


Check out our 2nd podcast in a series of 11 to learn about Best Practices in Mentoring.



In this podcast, we discuss purpose, design, training, support, and evaluation of a corporate mentoring program. The podcast (MP3 format) is broken into four 12-minute segments so that you can listen at your convenience. Sit back, listen, and learn about the benefits a corporate mentoring program could bring to your organization.

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Topics: Mentoring Programs, Mentoring Best Practices, Talent Development and Retention