10 tips to help you be the best mentor!

top 10 tips for mentors
  1. Listen more often than you speak.
  2. Approach challenges with a positive attitude when strategizing with your mentoree in finding solutions.
  3. Be consistent in terms of having contact with your mentoree
  4. Tell the truth. Having an honest exchange about an issue will help build trust in the relationship.
  5. Be objective as much as possible. Your mentoree's perspective in only one viewpoint; so present other views when possible.
  6. Affirm your mentoree when they accomplish something or arrive at a new perspective.  
  7. Ask permission when needing to share feedback that may be difficult for the mentoree to hear. This is a gentle way of preparing the mentoree.  If the mentoree opts not to have you share the feedback, that is their choice.
  8. Engage the whole person. It's not just about how a mentoree thinks, but also how they feel.
  9. Let them grow and let them go. Be ready to let the person move away from you when the time comes. It's a sign of independence as a result of the work you've done with them.
  10. Enjoy the relationship and you will gain as much as you give.
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