Mentoring Helps Attract the Best and Brightest Talents

Consider how your company currently attracts the best and brightest talent. Certainly, your organization’s reputation is a huge incentive for these eager and skilled men and women. However, can your company expect to survive strictly on its laurels? 

Think of it like this: if a prospective employee is deciding between a company with an outstanding reputation but a notoriously brutal work environment and an organization with an outstanding reputation and a proven mentoring program that grows and nurtures its top talent, which company will the person likely choose? 

A planned approach to a person’s career development, such as a mentoring program, has become a “must-have” for organizations that want to attract top talent. When marketing to prospective employees, advertising that your company has a professional and effective mentoring program can be a significant differentiator between you and your competitors. 



Topics: Talent Development and Retention