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As a consultant in mentoring, I often search for the latest books/resources on mentoring.  Frequently, some of the stuff written is simply rehashed information repackaged by consultants or so superficial as to be practically useless. There is a resource that I would highly recommend that provides useful insights into this topic. I have a copy and have found a number of insights that I have incorporated in my practice. The book is titled:


resources on mentoringThe Handbook of Mentoring At Work: Theory, Research, and Practice. 

Edited by Belle Rose Ragins & Kathy E. Kram

Published by Sage Publications in 2007 in California. 



It is a scholarly work but still accessible to the layperson.  Part 1 is an Introduction.  Part II focused on research on mentoring: past, present, and future.  Part III deals with Mentoring Theory: applying new lenses and perspectives. Part IV is Mentoring in Practice: programs and innovations and Part V is a summary of thoughts on mentoring in the 21st century.

For anyone managing a mentoring program or seeking to learn about mentoring on a deeper level, this is a must resource for your library.

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