Tiny Technology With A Big Mentoring Difference!

As companies become increasingly more international, this has an impact on recruiting and retaining qualified staff.  We know that mentoring has a significant impact in engendering company loyalty but what about the challenge of mentoring pairs matched across the globe?  Out of all the recent technological tools (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) the one that is the most significant for mentoring is the tiny webcam.  This little tool that often costs less than $35 and is easily installed on one's computer, the webcam overcomes the challenges of long distance mentoring.  Being able to see my partner dramatically improves the communication and the mentoring experience.  Some of my clients have installed webcams in an office area and allow mentoring participants to sign up for time so they can conduct their meetings.  So, if you're in a long distance mentoring relationship, add a webcam and find out how valuable this little tool can be in enhancing your mentoring experience.


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