Finding a Business Mentor Has Never Been Easier

Mentor-Quest: Retail Version
Finding a mentor just got a whole lot easier! Mentor-Quest is an effective, easy, and fun web-based tool that we designed after nearly two decades in the corporate mentoring industry. So many people want mentors, but don't know how to find a mentor. We’ve made Mentor-Quest interactive, with an innovative video-game-like feel that will capture peoples’ attention…and imaginations.

Mentor-Quest helps people do the following:

  • Determine the traits and characteristics of his or her perfect mentor. Subscribers will create a custom profile of who his or her perfect business mentor should be.
  • Identify the ideal mentor at his or her current job, internship, or member organization…along with strategies on how to approach this person.

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Mentor-Quest: Corporate Version
When you license MentoringComplete--our comprehensive, web-based mentoring software--you can add Mentor-Quest to your self-directed mentoring program. Because of Mentor-Quest's fun, interactive feel, it's perfect for software companies, high-tech companies, companies with a youthful workforce (18-34), and companies that want to offer employees something different.

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