5 Things You Should Ask Yourself Before Choosing A Mentor


Choosing the right mentor can be a vital decision in your career, therefore, it is extremely important that you take your time to observe and research your mentor candidates prior to making a selection.  There are many factors for choosing a mentor. 

Questions to Ask Yourself before you Choose a Mentor


Here are five questions we suggest that you should ask yourself:


  1. Does the person already have a mentoree? 

It would be more beneficial to choose someone who does not already have a mentoree, or someone who currently has only one or two mentorees.  It’s important to your relationship to choose a person who will have the time to completely dedicate themselves to the mentoring relationship. 


  1. Is the person well regarded in the organization?

It would be wise to choose a person who is respected by his or her peers and gets along well with many individuals within the organization including individuals from different departments as well as upper management.


  1. Does this person personify professionalism and leadership?

A professional individual with excellent leadership qualities is usually a great person to consider because they possess skills and knowledge that was acquired either by being mentored themselves, or by years of experience.


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  1. Does this person have the skills and knowledge that you are looking for?

It’s important that you choose a mentor that you are going to be able to learn from and not just someone who is “popular” because the ultimate goal is to have a relationship with someone who will help you gain the skills and knowledge that are beneficial to your career.


  1. Will this person be open and honest with you?

For a mentoring relationship to work, it is important for the mentor to be honest with you.  As a mentoree, you are in this relationship to gain insight on new skills and knowledge and so it is important to be a good listener and learn from your mistakes.  Therefore, it is sensible to find a person who is willing to be open and honest with you because ultimately they are looking out for your best interest.


While there are various types of questions to inquire about, these are just a few for you to consider while on your quest to find the right mentor.  But remember, the most important thing is to find a person who you feel comfortable with.  Good luck!


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