How did you do on the Mentoring Quiz?


Here are the answers from the quiz I posted in my last blog article.

1.       Mentoring relationships need to be close and last a long time?  T or F

False.  Informal mentoring tends to be close and last a long time, but formal relationships don't need to last a long time in order to be successful.

2.       A mentor teaches, sponsors, encourages, manages, guides and supports the mentoree?  T or F

False.  The one word that makes the statement false is "manages." A mentor does not manage a mentoree.

3.       For mentoring to be successful, there must be chemistry between the two partners?  T or F

False.  Chemistry is what brings informal mentoring relationships together, but in a company sponsored formal program it is compatibility rather than chemistry.

4.       Being a coach to someone is the same as being a mentor?  T or F

False.  A coach is someone who is an expert and assists someone in developing a particular skill set or knowledge base.  A mentor is about developing by having a relationship.  A mentor may coach, but a coach does not mentor if one is defining a coach in its true meaning.

How did you do?  Share your comments.

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