An example of a good mentor

Let's look at another movie example of mentoring: Star Wars  Trilogy. Who's the one person who helps Luke Skywalker develop patience and maturity? Most of you would probably reply that little guy--Yoda--but actually, to some extent, Yoda is more the career coach . He's trying to teach Luke how to use the force. The true mentor  is Obi-Won Kenobi played by Sir Alec Guinness. He's the one who first takes Luke under his wing and guides him through the entire first episode of the trilogy, and he's also the one whose voiceover you hear throughout the series. The difference between Yoda and Obi-Won is that Yoda is more focused on the skills needed to be a good Jedi Knight, whereas Obi-Won is more interested in assisting Luke in being a good person who is also a good Jedi Knight. Both of these guides complement one another and both are valuable to have.

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