Diversity Change instead of Diversity Training

As we become more globalized, businesses need to learn how to appreciate diversity and its impact on sales and business development. Even Prince Harry is now getting diversity training recognizing that royalty is not exempt for diversity sensitivity.

In light of these developments, I think diversity consultants would be more effective if they moved away from using the term: "diversity training" and, instead, used "diversity change." This would not mean ceasing diversity training efforts, but rather, strengthening those efforts by including a professional mentoring program as part of the initiative. This would make it more likely that those leaving a diversity training classroom would not only have the theoretical understanding of the challenges and value of diversity but, by engaging in mentoring, would see the real challenges and barriers that inhibit many from experiencing their full potential as contributors to the bottom line of a company's continued success in today's volatile economic times. I'm all for training but let's begin to focus more on accomplishing real change through diversity mentoring.


Topics: Mentoring Programs, Mentors & Mentorees, Mentoring Best Practices