Mentoring Program Success Story: Manufacturing Industry

Mentoring Program SuccessIn order to quantify the purpose of an employee mentoring program, many businesses come to us and ask for solid evidence that mentoring programs actually work. We recently put together a number of case studies outlining mentoring program successes. The following is a short and sweet version of a case study we conducted with our client, Bobrick Washroom Equipment

The Challenge

Bobrick wanted to take its employee development to the next level by investing in emerging leaders who showed potential for long-term growth, engaging with them in meaningful ways, and focusing on their specific development needs. In addition, the company wanted to tap into existing leaders and find a way to help them share their wisdom with others within the organization. 

The Solution

Rene Petrin with his approach and mentoring philosophy aligned with Bobricks' vision for their mentoring program. Mentoring Complete's many resources (such as free white papers) available on the company’s website, and of course, MentoringComplete, the signature software helped to seal the deal.

The Results

The program lasted nine months and had seven pairs. Mentorees were hesitant about the mentors they were matched with at first, but they quickly discovered the benefits to the carefully made matches. “Many of the mentors and mentorees had different perspectives on what the program would be like, and they found that the specific structure and goals of the program helped them discover what a true mentoring relationship should look like.”


To read even more details about this mentoring success story, go to our case study page and click on the Bobrick case study. 

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