How Business Mentoring Aids Succession Planning

_Mentoring can be a great way for outgoing employees to wrap up their career_Succession planning helps prepare people to step into new roles when their colleagues leave, retire, or move on to other areas of the organization. This makes for a smoother transition for everyone.

But how does mentoring fit in? Should it even figure into the equation? The answer is YES. An effective mentoring program can enrich your succession planning process.

In our recent newsletter, How Mentoring Fits in With a Succession Planning Process, we discuss in detail 6 ways that mentoring and succession planning work together. The following is a sneak peek of the article. Check out the full article here for even more detail.

  1. Mentoring promotes the transfer of knowledge
  2. Mentoring fosters leadership
  3. Mentoring can be a great way for outgoing employees to wrap up their careers. 
  4. Mentoring can provide peace of mind for other people within the organization. 
  5. Mentoring can help reduce turnover. 
  6. Mentoring continues to work long after the succession planning process is over. 

Can you think of anything to add to this list? Has your organization used mentoring as a succession planning aid?


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