What is Hybrid Mentoring?

There is a new terminology arising in mentoring recently: hybrid mentoring. At Mentoring Complete, we call it Anytime Mentoring. In some cases hybrid mentoring is a result of trying to respond to millennials who are seeking quick and easy access via a mentoring software system to be able to get the mentoring they need when they need it.

Hybrid mentoring puts millennials in the driver’s seat in terms of managing their career development. [Tweet this!]

A hybrid mentoring system will not only have the ability to find and match with a mentor, but will also have social networking components such as the ability to create groups, create projects with other colleagues, create resources, etc. (See screen show below of Mentoring Complete' Anytime Mentoring system.)


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Although this new twist on mentoring is certainly a creative approach to introducing mentoring to this generation, it does not mean that traditional mentoring or group mentoring are no longer valid. All forms of mentoring have their place and ability to accomplish specific goals and objectives. The fact that we are adapting the experience of mentoring to a millennial audience speaks to the ongoing value of mentoring within today’s and tomorrow’s work force. 

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