Want Mentoring? What to do Next

corporate mentoringThis blog post is the second in a series we started to discuss what many businesses are asking us when they are considering implementing a mentoring program. The first step involved determining whether it is a mentoring program they need or if it is something else...like coaching.

If you have decided that it is mentoring that your business needs, but are confused or are unsure about how to proceed, this post is for you.

We know we want mentoring, but don't know what to do next.

Have you have done some research but are feeling a little bit overwhelmed and/or are struggling to understand how to proceed. What first steps should you take and why?  You may feel like this will take a great deal of your time (it won't). There are generally four areas of concern we see from folks in this stage:

  1. What type of mentoring program is best and how should it be structured?  
  2. I don't understand the importance of a Mentoring Program Manager.
  3. I still have questions about how to best put together a mentoring program for my company.
  4. I need to get buy in from the C-Suite.


Possible solutions for you: 

1.  Our Best Practices in Mentoring PowerPoint presentation provides a step-by-step demonstration of many of the key concepts of mentoring. We designed it for use as a learning tool for professionals who want to increase their knowledge about mentoring and mentoring programs. You can also present it to senior managers in your organization to gain support for corporate mentoring programs.

2. The Mentoring Program Manager (MPM) is a critical player in a professional mentoring program. An effective mentoring program manager can often make the difference between a failed mentoring relationship and a successful one. If you're looking at establishing a mentoring initiative, it’s important for you to have the support of your immediate manager in understanding your roles and responsibilities in managing a corporate mentoring program. As a solution, we offer online mentoring training and certification for MPMs.

3. If you are committed to mentoring but still have questions about how it will all come together, then what you probably need is simple guidance from an expert. Consider a one-hour free consult with Rene Petrin:

  • Speak to a mentoring expert with 25 years of experience
  • Clarify what you want and how to proceed
  • Save valuable time in avoiding research that may not lead to correct information or results
  • Shorten research time considerably 

4. You know that mentoring will benefit your company greatly, but need to get approval from the higher ups. Check out our latest white paper: Getting Buy-In From the C-Suite. In this white paper, learn a 4-step strategy that includes the following: 

  • How to gather the right research to make a compelling argument
  • Why you need to identify different mentoring models that could work for your organization
  • Why you need to understand your organization's procurement policies
  • Tips for presenting your proposal to the C-suite

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