Mentoring Millennials: Finding A Job That Accepts And Appreciates You

Millennials resized 600We saw an interesting post on LinkedIn from a discouraged Millennial who has been dealing with the many myths associated with that generation—that they’re lazy, needy, spoiled, entitled, etc., etc. This Millennial is struggling with finding work and was reaching out on LinkedIn. She is looking for advice on how to find a job with a company that can look past all of the negative press her generation has encountered recently and not only help her to blossom, but also will allow her to bring her skills to the table.

Our response:

We love Millennials. But we hear you…they get a bad rap, just as the generations that came before them did, like Gen X [i.e. the ME generation]. The thing that’s different now is there’s SO much noise around these topics, thanks to the Internet and social media—noise that simply perpetuates the myths. Every generation has its own challenges, of course. But we doubt you’re any of the things you describe…and even if you are one or two of those things (because, let’s face it, we all have flaws, right?), the best companies out there—meaning the ones that you’ll WANT to work for—won’t make you feel like that…instead, they’ll set up systems like mentoring programs and easy-to-enter knowledge share programs that allow you to share your strengths with others while making improvements in areas that need help.

When you’re talking to potential employers, ask these sorts of questions:

1. How do you support your employees?

2. What programs/systems do you offer that build on people’s strengths and helps them improve in areas in which they might need some extra coaching?

Embrace your Millennial status! Your generation has lots of great stuff to offer…we can’t wait to see what you do!

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