Mentoring Lessons from Project Runway: Under the Gunn

Lifetime's latest fashion competition series, Project Runway: Under the Gunn, focuses on mentoring new fashion designers. This series has wonderful lessons on how to and how not to mentor. 

The premise is that three mentors each have a group of four mentorees that they are responsible for mentoring through the design competitions on a weekly basis until only one mentor and his/her mentoree remains. 

In the first group competition, viewers get a glimpse of the mentors sharing their views on mentoring (which is very informative).  We also get to see them working with their mentorees (also very informative). 

One mentor in particular, Nick Verreos, demonstrates how not to mentor (at least in the first episode with his group).  He is finding it difficult not to take complete control of his mentorees—a common mistake made by new mentors.  It will be interesting to see if he can adjust his style in future episodes.

For any mentor reading this post who wants to watch three mentors approaching the same task in different ways, this program promises to provide valuable lessons on how to be more effective.  Mentorees can also benefit by watching three different mentoring styles and determining which they would prefer and why.  A mentoring pair may want to watch this show and discuss it at their next meeting to share what they've observed and use it as a way to enhance their mentoring relationship.

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